Zurvita Review – Can You Really Make Money With a Zurvita Business?

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Zurvita is a newly founded company, just released in 2008. Zurvita is backed by the Amacore Group, a leader in supplying health-related membership benefit programs, insurance programs, and other innovative and high-quality methods to individuals, families and employer groups nationwide. The Amacore Group can also be backed by Vicis, a company that provides billions of dollars in hedge funds. Based on 3 basic principles, Zurvita is really a network marketing company that: 1) glorifies God, 2) is building a foundation of the largest team associated with humble leaders, Three) gives people of every walk of life a chance to win at every level. The company is being led by Tag and Tracy Jarvis, former billion dollar income earners with Ameriplan. The pair decided to walk away after years of receiving a billion dollar residual income when they were faced with a vision for a company that will benefit every person and provide every person a chance to succeed within the Network Marketing industry.

Zurvita’s products have been developed with the average person in mind. Through a discount card called CareSaver, the average person can save money at shops they normally shop at anyway. An individual can also receive “cash back” on purchases made with an Online Mall via hundreds of reconizable stores for example Target, Dell and Staples. The mall includes an online discount journey booking engine, where a person can find discounted travel and actually generate “cash back” on their travel (along with the discount). Along with these benefits is really a “Personal Attendant”, which is a live person that an individual can call 24 hours a day, Seven days a week to obtain assist on anything from finding a phone number, in order to directions, to help with your kids homework, in order to arranging your journey for you, to organizing your kids birthday party, to helping you find a formula – the list goes on an on… A person can receive all of these benefits through this CareSaver program for only $19.95 a month. An individual does not have to join the company to take advantage of the program. A person can simply be a customer and receive the advantages of the program for $19.95 a month (with no additional fees).

If a person wishes to take advantage of the network marketing side of Zurvita, they may join for a once fee of $329. When a Rep activates Six customer points (4 can be your own thru the company’s replicated month-to-month website fee by personally joining the CareSaver program), the compensation plan is unlocked and the Rep can begin generating commissions. This is accomplished by moving thru the codes of Brown, Silver and Gold. Zurvita’s compensation plan is a coded compensation plan much like Excel Communications, Lot of money Hi-Tech Marketing and Alliance Lightyear. In the Bronze code a person earns $100 for every Rep that triggers their 6 customer points. In the Silver code a person earns $175 for every Rep within that code that activates their Six customer points. As well as in the Gold code a person earns $225 for every Rep within which code that activates their 6 customer points. These are just the first bonuses. Additional monthly residual income is based on product sales of the CareSaver card. A Rep earns from 25%-40% on their personal product sales and up to 5% on the downline sales based on what level they’re at.

As it is well known, the Coded Comp plan is one that has created many millionaires in the past. It is a solid comp plan and Zurvita has laid the ground work inside their plan to allow a person to make back their initial investment very quickly and make good money while building through the various rules.

The company appears to possess a solid basis with a few strong backing. The actual compensation plan is also strong and will give Reps the foundation they need to build a solid business. The product is solid in that it is affordable for the average person and provides them with additional savings so the product itself is more than paid for with the cost savings that are obtained through the discounts received. It’s a ground floor opportunity for anyone interested in and prepared to deal with the changes which occur in start up businesses. On the favorable aspect, the company does have extensive financial backing, so the ups and downs and quirks should be limited. They have invested in a strong IT system to support a Repetitions business with some extensive reporting and business management tools.

The leadership is also very good with credible, truthful leaders that are truly interested in seeing and helping others be successful. Mark Jarvis has formerly spent 15 years like a Network Marketing rep (within the trenches) and knows the industry from the Rep’s point of view. Mark has a very strong belief system provided through his faith in God. This coupled with his substantial background, success and knowledge give him the leadership skills that every Network Marketing Rep will appreciate and want to follow.

This particular Zurvita Review is going to educate you on something about this industry that you won’t hear from very many sources. Let’s begin with the review of Zurvita as a company. zurvita is a fairly new company, having only opened its doors to the public in 2008. It’s the brain child associated with Mark Jarvis who is a skilled Network Marketer that spent over 15 years building his prior company. Zurvita is a powerful company who is backed by the huge Amacore Group.

So it’s not a question of whether Zurvita is a good company. If you take a look at their stats as well as company background, they are solid as a rock. The question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you’ll be able to make a good living from a company like Zurvita. And the answer to which question is, absolutely!

Nevertheless, Zurvita suffers from the same problem that most big Multilevel marketing companies suffer from. They have some distributors that make good money, and they have some that don’t make anything at all. So how is it feasible that a company with a solid background, good products and a great compensation plan has people in there that aren’t successful?

Well, if you view the way this business functions, you’ll realize that success in Network Marketing has nothing to do with the actual company. You could be with the greatest company in the world, but when you don’t understand how to “market” which company and run your personal business, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

So now that we know Zurvita is a good company. What does it take to be a top artist? Well it all comes down to the right training, consistency and learning how to become a pro marketer. These are some of the other things that will help you on your way to the top in Zurvita or any other MLM business available.

1. Learn to get you noticed, not your Zurvita business. This is a people business. People like to sign up for other people, not businesses.

2. Learn to advertise your business well so that you attract people instead of constantly having to prospective client and chase people

3. Use a system online to help to manage your leads as well as your overall business

4. Incorporate a Funded Suggestion into your business process which will allow you to have different sources of cashflow to help you get into profit quickly

These 4 actions are absolutely crucial to your success in Zurvita and then any other MLM organization for that matter. This is something which I have learnt via trial and error and spending thousands of dollars on programs, ebooks and resources. This blueprint is nearly never taught in any of the big MLM businesses out there, so make sure to apply them to the tee. Once you perform, this industry will become a lot more fun.

Zurvita is a reasonably new MLM organization. It as founded in 2008. The founder and President of Zurvita is Mark Jarvis. Mister. Jarvis has 26 years of experience in the immediate marketing industry and has successfully built the 7-figure income. even though he’s attained success with many good companies who have good products, he felt he required something else; something much more. What he observed was that other individuals with more skills were not able to to accomplish the same success he was. It was because of this and his desire to help others succeed that he decided to develop Zurvita.

Products offered by Zurvita consist of six product lines. They’re Zurvita Choice, Zurvita Health, Zurvita Treatment Saver, Zurvita Home Safeguard, and Zurvita Protection. All of the benefits and providers vary from energy as well as utility plans to health care, technology support, and discounts at many local stores.

With Zurvita you can earn a few $ 100 a month or produce a six in order to seven-figure income working either part time or full time. There are five methods to create an income with Zurvita. The Zurvita compensation plan includes :

1. Fast Begin Bonus 2. Extremely Start Bonus Three. Leadership Bonsu 4. Coordinating Leadership Bonus 5. Monthly Residual Income

When you are a Managing Consultant, you can generate a monthly residual income (MRI) and get paid up to six levels down, based on your rank development. To begin as a business consultant, you pay $349.Double zero or you can start as a sales rep which costs $99.Double zero. You will receive a marketing kit that has trainings and back office support

But, what kind of training does Zurvita provide? To move to the position of a Managing Advisor, it is going to require a few success with selling and marketing your business. Zurvita does have a training routine listed on their internet sites, showing the dates, times, and phone numbers. The trainings are in various parts of the nations, thus allowing members to attend in individuals locations. Considering that I might not have seen everthing pertaining to, I did take a fast overview of the classes offered. The classes shown on the Zurvita Business Opportunity website are:

One. Zurvita Health Customer Enrollment Contest 2. Zurvita Choice The Energy Gold Hurry 3. Zurvita Energy Home Business Opportunity 4. Zurvita – Ozarks Mentoring Weekend Update Five. Zurvita Business Opportunity Business Network 6. Zurvita Protection Credit score Restoration Progam

as well as meetings pertaining to Mark Jarvis Conferences and special promotions, and Zurvita Freedom Campaign, and more. Another site had some other details about Zurvita training. This persoh has on her web site information about direct training as well as coaching , turnkey internet marketing system, and totally free network marketing boot camp. It looked as if Zurvita is using her trainings to coach other members in Zurvita. If this sounds like true, then, like a Zurvita member, it is a good idea to join her classes.. It is best to attend just about all trainings that are offered since you will need help with your business. In fact, we all perform at one time or another.

It was the most advanced kind of training offered within Zurvita that I saw so far. Apparently, this person offers knowledge about systems and how using some kind of system can help any network marketer, irregardless of prior experience, achieve success in their home business. Using a system in place, one that not only trains you and your downline on how to advertise your business, mainly using the internet, but also has a sales funnel to help you generate an income while you are building your company. This is the best approach to building any business. A lot of Zurvita’s training utilized “old style” marketing methods, which do work, however very few succeed using them because along with with them, you must also have to contend with lots of rejection along with a high attrition rate. These negative experiences lead many “new” online business owners to frustration. Generally, in 30-90 days, they quit.

Building a business is a lot of hard work. Very few will be able to endure the down sides in trying to develop a business. This is why an advertising and marketing system, one that trains and helps you to generate more money while learning how to marketplace, can be a powerful device to use. It helps you overcome all of the reasons why most people fail within the network marketing industry. No more daily rejections. Also, once you get to a point where you are generating 25+ prospects per day, you will also be making more money and getting more people to join your primary opportunity, but even if they do not join, you still will have a system in place that may help you to monetize those who say no to your business opportunity.

All of the classes should be in video format so you can follow along and watch them as often as you need in order to. The marketing system should also have once a week webinars where you can learn more marketing strategies. lastly, it should provide some type of sales funnel, whereby you can earn an income while you are going through the learning process that will ultimately help give you the skills to build your business.

Zurvita sounds somewhat great opportunity. If you have joined, congratulations. My personal conclusion is that the Zurvita training may suffice.. This should not discourage a person. My suggestion would be to attend all of the Zurvita trainings. But also, look for a organization that offers a marketing program that you can setup to begin generating leads and funds flow for your Zurvita chance. Then immediately start going through the trainings this marketing system has to offer and be sure to put them into action. In a short time, you will become a very skilled network marketer and the results in your Zurvita business will reflect this. Remember, systems function. You just need to find the right one and get started.

Zurvita was founded in 2008 by Mark and Tracy Jarvis. This couple had built a substantial sales organization in a prior network marketing company and decided the time was right for them to head out on their own to build their very own network marketing company.

Whenever Zurvita started, the company started marketing low cost advantage packages ranging from cost savings on everyday expenses to healthcare. After launching in March of 2008 the organization quickly aligned themselves with a large retail energy provider and start the sales associated with electricity and natural gas services to residents in deregulated states.

Last year, the company further broadened their product providing by offering cellular phone services and digital tone of voice, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Zurvita became a publicly traded company shortly after starting their communication services. In late 2009, the organization acquired the rights to market a product known as LocalAdLink, a managed per-per-click (PPC) Internet advertising platform. The actual sales of LocalAdLink have just begun at the time of this article. With LocalAdLink, the company is expanding their portfolio of business in order to business services and offerings.

So you are most likely asking yourself, what, after that, is the business opportunity and may anyone make money inside it?

Zurvita requires a small one-time purchase of order to get the person setup with the organization, a marketing kit, as well as back-office software to track sales and organization growth. For a monthly fee associated with $49.95, an individual can subscribe to the Zurvita “Biz Pak.” The actual Biz Pak is a collection of benefits and tools, including the individual’s replicated company websites and a rebate program that provides more money back to the individual than the cost of the actual Biz Pak itself.

The compensation plan the company offers in place has multiple ways for anyone to earn money. These methods include up-front bonuses for customer collecting, bonuses for assisting individuals gather their own first customers, bonus deals for continuing to grow their organization, as well as monthly residual incomes on all products sold. In order to make much more with the company, an individual does have to gather a lot more than the minimum amount of customers.

Based on this information, Zurvita is a legitimate network marketing business for anyone to start. The organization has products sold to end users and a compensation plan that encourages their consultants to collect customers and not just recruit other individuals into the business.

Zurvita is a company that has just recently launched and it is already starting to get the attention from frontrunners in the industry. The idea behind Zurvita is based on the recent deregulation of natural gas and electricity here in the US. With this particular deregulation, Zurvita is actually able to conserve people money on their own natural gas and power bills. They also offer comparable benefits and savings for online advertising, telecom, wireless and healthcare.

Now, I have personally been involved in network marketing for any very long time and I have seen my fair share associated with companies and products appear and disappear. With that, I normally don’t recommend a lot of products or services as most of all of them seem to be “Here Today, Eliminated Tomorrow”. However, the services which Zurvita is offering seem to be very different from the rest.

After carrying out a survey of the industry, I’ve discovered that there is no other organization that is offering what Zurvita is able to offer consumers. And, the thing I find to be most interesting is they have been able to tap into a realm of services that people are already paying for and offering them a price reduction.

The Zurvita energy procedure starts with a third party energy provider. They are able to purchase the energy at index pricing and sell this to the consumer without the additional markup coming from the utility companies. The utility companies still manage and maintain the transit of the energy all the way up the meter. This will make it sold to the third party power provider that then sells this to the consumer.

Within the network marketing industry, if you’re involved with a company that is truly unique, innovative and has a true STRONG Foundation leadership and management, then you have the ingredients needed to create massive achievement. After reviewing Zurvita I would have to say that I believe this company will be one of the industry’s next “Giants.Inch

Zurvita has all of the necessary ingredients needed for a network marketing company to have an huge impact in the market place and when you position yourself in a company like Zurvita at the proper time you can truly produce life long success in network marketing.

Zurvita business was founded by it’s current president Tag Jarvis. He is a successful business owner who at the time had over 26 years in marketing experience. His goal ended up being to create a strong but humble company which glorified god where individuals can win at each level while still providing a quality and affordable product in order to its consumers. Zurvita company has successful met those goals by creating recession proof items that everyone needs and makes use of on a daily basis such as electricity, health care, digital phone service, legal services and much more.

Even though zurvita business is a company, due to the benefits of their products and the options given to a supplier to make a significant and stable residual income, they’re one of the most desirable MLM companies to become a a part of with a high customer retention rate. In this article I would like to focus on smarter marketing techniques that you can begin to use RIGHT NOW to start growing your zurvita business without having to spend a lot of time surfing the internet for answers as well as investing a lot of money.

There are plenty of network marketers excited about the glamorous forms of marketing, the internet in particular. The large rave on the internet right now is social networking, obtaining people to find you instead of you searching for all of them, buying expensive chance seeker leads, and so on. When you joined your own zurvita business you wanted to earn money right now, not 3 to 6 months from now or while you save up more money for a advertising tool. I hope that after reading this article you will think 180 degrees in a different way. I would definitely not suggest anyone to pass the fliers, business cards or the 3 foot rule.

When growing your downline you want to target your market. The advantages of the zurvita business is you have products you know individuals can’t live without. There are resources out there where you can get all the titles and numbers of site visitors you need for less than 10 cents per title and when contacting these highly qualified prospective client you must know how to market and not sell. You won’t want to beg and persuade people to join your zurvita business because that is what sales men do you’ll also find to beg then to stay.

Zurvita is a leading edge multilevel marketing business opportunity as well as company leveraging the power of infomercials, word of mouth marketing and the Internet to produce the next generation home business opportunity. Constructed around the services business, Zurvita has an interesting opportunity for the person looking to function part time at home.

Zurvitas objective is: “to form a business that focuses on offering unmatched personal providers and exceptional value to the consumer by providing access to services and benefits that are not readily available to the average person.Inch So what are these services and benefits? Zurvita’s products are services that most people use and pay for just about every day. Energy, telecom, health care, shopping and legal providers are the basics behind Zuvitas product lines.

Zurvita uses network marketing to promote its items. To start a your company with this company will definitely cost a small sum of $349 and an annual fee associated with $99 dollars. As with many multilevel marketing opportunities the emphasis with this business will be based in prospecting many individuals into your downline to attain the bonus level commissions.

Zurita is a good company for someone searching for a fast start in an internet business. Training in online marketing is a must however. Multilevel marketing with this opportunity includes working in ones warm market with friends and family at first and recruiting these individuals into the chance. Learning sales methods would be another part of the learning curve to understand with this home based business as well as Internet marketing. It is best to perform your complete due diligence before joining any online or offline opportunity. While this business and opportunity is a legitimate offering, the fact remains that 97% of individuals fall short in their first year with multilevel marketing programs which is usually due to bad sponsoring, poor training and lack of an entire due diligence into the compensation structure.

Zurvita is one of the very few that deals with energy deregulation in certain states creating an opportunity to earn passive income from energy bills. One obstacle you will come across is learning how to use attraction marketing to bring quality prospects to you instead of having to chase after friends and family.

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