You’re Using The Top Online Proofing System, Aren’t You?

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With the never-ending goal of assisting the professional photography world in finding more revenue streams, has created a stunning online proofing system that dramatically allows photo sharing, selection, cropping and purchasing to happen seamlessly.

Instead of one to one proofing in books with all of the notations needing to be recorded by hand, here is, finally, a way for everything to be handled digitally, with outstanding record keeping along every step of the way.

What had been a time-sensitive process where decisions had to be made in person, suddenly became a purely online process with clients able to take their time with each shot and the photographers not having to spend that time not working with other clients. For, this represented a huge opportunity and once’s sophisticated online proofing system took hold, it quickly became the new standard for professional photography studios.

Of course, as with so many other sharing products offered by Collages, all proofs and images are safe and secure, there is always full screen image viewing, they handle 100% credit card processing and they offer five year image backup and storage. will handle all of your studio’s online proofing system needs.

But for many photographers… what REALLY tips the scales here is the staff. Good luck finding a more passionate group of professional individuals who want to answer any question you have about any part of your business. Imagine working with a team that is in love with the idea that professional photographers need all of the best, smartest, and most efficient tools to expand their businesses to heights even they may not have considered.

That’s pretty cool, huh?

In the end, what you have at is a full service online proofing system that offers the best image presentation in the industry. Again…all designed specifically for you so that you are able to spend as much time behind the camera as you desire.

And don’t be afraid to discover all of the other products and services that Collages offers to see just how far this could take your photography business.

Like I said, cool, huh?

As a professional photographer, you need a online proofing system to increase your revenue. If you have not already, you must head to to sell more images online.

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