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Content that is easily readable to people and is also optimized for search engine spiders is known as SEO copywriting. Content that has been search engine optimized contains all targeted terms which are inserted into the content naturally without breaking the flow of the sentence so that it is easily understood. Your site will then be displayed in the SERPs according to the keywords the search engines find in your content. Many people find themselves disappointed in SEO copywriting because it is often not done properly and the keywords are not inserted naturally ruining the sense of the content. On the other hand, skilled SEO copywriting will result in highly readable content as the keywords are added as a integral part of the sentences. This article will cover hints and tricks on effective SEO copywriting and the correct method of doing it.

Internal and external hyperlinks are one of the most ignored elements of SEO copywriting. Internal hyperlinks are links to other pages within your site that pertain to what you’re writing about. This will not only make navigation easier, but it will cause people to spend more time on your site. Internal linking done properly is something the search engines love, so you’ll be sending a big green light to them. Don’t ignore the ALT tags, either. When it comes to external links, links that point to an external source, they can help you in two different ways. First of all, they give you validation from a third party of your expertise and second you can connect to their affiliate program or you can opt for reciprocal linking. Don’t worry, the search engines will reward you whether it’s internal links or external, as long as they go with the content on your site.

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Now that we know the do’s, there are things you’ll want to avoid when writing web copy. Avoid flash as it really inhibits your goal of high ranking. Flash wont’ help your SEO results at all. Flash takes too long to load and, besides, search engines can’t read it anyway. To make matters worse, any information that’s embedded in a Flash file won’t be indexed by the search engines. The whole idea of search engine optimization is to turn your content more readable to the search engines. Flash will also drive away your visitors, which means it’s not a good idea to use it on your site.

Captions are often used to describe images on a webpage, and don’t really catch the reader’s eye. Keep in mind that Google knows how pictures can be used and understands them. Thus, it’s vital that you include captions that start out with the terms you are targeting as it will help Google get an idea of your desired outcome.

In conclusion, you should aim for writing content in the most creative way, without ignoring the search engines, to get the most out of your website and get the most traffic.

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