Winter Resort Work In Japan – Facts You’d Want To Know

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A lot of people aren’t aware that it’s possible to get winter resort work in Japan. This might be an excellent arrangement for you if you want to go on a holiday and earn at the same time. Here are some great facts that might be of interest to you if you’re considering this option.

Qualifications and Requirements

The Japanese government has a standing agreement with some countries that permit the issuance of special working holiday visas. Citizens of Canada, Australia, France, Taiwan, New Zealand, Denmark, U.K., Hong Kong, Germany, Korea and Ireland who are 18 to 30 years old, have big chances of qualifying for special visas.

Only those applying for ski patrol positions are required to have a first aid certificate. There are no other strict qualification requirements to get a resort job in Japan. Naturally though, if you do have special ski instructor certifications, you have a greater chance of getting accepted for a position with a higher rate.

Language skill requirements are not too stiff. A minimum requirement of one year language study is all that you would have to comply. This is needed because you will be using the local language a lot. The Japanese language however should not be too difficult to master considering that there are many courses and tutorials that you can take online. You can also learn more of the language while you are in Japan. This is the best way to really master Japanese because you will be learning through application.

Work Circumstances

Work in resorts usually run for about 40 to 48 hours every week. There are busy times every year though when you may have to work straight hours for almost all days of the week. You will however be paid for overtime work at 125% of your regular pay.

The regular rate is not the same across resorts. Those working in Hokkaido usually get more. You might be able to earn as much as 1000 yen in Hokkaido. In other resorts, 700 yen would be considered a high rate already.

There is no need to worry about work insurance when you work in Japan. You are automatically covered. You do need to take note though that this is not the same as travel insurance. You would have to organize this for yourself.

Accommodations and Meals

Winter resorts are great places to work in because of the extra benefits that workers get when it comes to meals and accommodations. Those who are based in summer resorts don’t usually get the same benefits. Naturally though, terms may differ per location.

The resorts in Nagano, Niigata, Gifu and Gunma often offer the best arrangements. You will be able to take advantage of free accommodations, meals and ski passes that you can enjoy during your free time. Hokkaido resorts, although they pay workers a little more, only provide free accommodations and ski passes. Meals are subsidized.

You will absolutely love having to work in Japan during the winter months. You don’t get the chance to have fun and earn all in one trip. Now that you know the facts about getting employed there during winter, you shouldn’t hesitate to file an application now.

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