Windshield Wipers – Window Pane Replacement Review

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This Bosch wiper blade is the greatest replacement blade I’ve ever bought. I switched to those Bosch wipers after becoming extremely disappointed with the Rain-X Lattitude. Will certainly purchase again. However I am off to buy brand new ones. I’ve not had them long enough to understand how well they hold up but to date they’re fantastic! They are more affordable, and so far they’re every bit as good as the icons.

They work completely, providing a clean sweep each time.

And they work fantastic in heavy rain. Its cool looking but after 8 weeks of use I start to see streaking over my windshield replacement Vancouver. But this relatively recent design doesn’t appear to be as good as the OEM blades. Recently I installed 2 sets of these wipers on my F150 and my wife’s Explorer. An even clean sweep each time over my Vancouver auto glass.

An example, on my small 17″ wiper they have 1″ shorter wiping area than these ones, on my small 24″ auto body Vancouver wiper it was about 1.5″ shorter than the other one.

I have no clue what kind of upkeep these need or will need, simply because they have this new graphite coating but I would have rubbed it off after I cleaned them with a cloth after installing them. Instead of normal wipers, with brackets, these wipers convey more tension on the windshield.

They saved a lot material in contrast to the OEM, so I guess might not last for very long. However, there is no way I possibly could have known beforehand if they might have fit the wiper arms of my car (however I guess “universal” really fits all). A year or more could be satisfactory for me personally. The additional money is difficult to spend, but it’s worthwhile for the added confidence I’ll be able to see while driving. Putting the very first blade on was a complete hassle. Wiper action is butter smooth and quiet, zero streaking. Get it done and you’ll be sorry. The Rain-X ones proved helpful in the beginning, however it did not take very long for them to begin leaving small (extremely irritating) streaks, not worth the cost.

The only real bad thing is on Vancouver auto glass, the outer couple inches from the passenger-side blade doesn’t make contact with the windshield when in the “OFF” place, as noted in a prior post. However the wiper is fairly good, it’s a great wiper but Amazon, it does not work with Mazda Proteges. Both blades work fantastic.

In my opinion they last about 12 months. Don’t skimp on those other brands.

Perhaps your better off getting the 18″ dimension for your window pane replacement. I’ve had these now for 30 days (the same time I’ve had replacement basement windows) and I’m fairly pleased with them.

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