Why You Need An Ergonomic Office Chair

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It is because people come in many shapes and sizes, that chair manufacturers chose to make chairs for discriminating users adaptable. If they had not done that, then there would have to be dozens of chairs with different dimensions to suit all sorts of people. Therefore, office chair manufacturers have very cleverly passed the cost of a simple chair onto the business population.

However, given the fact that it is not easy to buy a suitable chair if you are not of standard measurements, you will have to buy an adjustable chair. This situation appertains to the environment of an office, where workers regularly sit for eight hours hardly moving a muscle in their torso.

This state of affairs often causes lower back and neck problems. The basic fact is that you have to be able to sit on your chair comfortably with your thighs level and your feet flat on the floor. In an office situation, this often means buying adjustable chairs, because of the through-put of staff and the variety in the size of the human body.

This is not so much of a predicament if you only do a few hours surfing the Internet when you get in, but it is a totally different kettle of fish if you stay at a desk for protracted lengths of time. In general, the longer you plan to remain at your desk, the better quality chair you will require.

Therefore, if you are a full-timer, a professional, you need the best. If you are working for yourself, you need the best and if you are working for someone else, you can not afford to put up with inferior seating, which could lead to injury and, eventually, dismissal later on.

If you are frequently on your feet or in and out of the office, you can afford to be more lenient with the specifications essential for someone who is chained to the desk virtually eight hours a day except for breaks. Secretaries fall into this group. They frequently have to go to filing cabinets and welcome people into the office.

The power users are the executives who are office bound and individuals like telesales people. They literally remain in their seats all their working day except for breaks and so they have to have the best safety gear available. Make no mistake about it, an ergonomic chair is every bit as important for an office worker as a safety belt is for a chauffeur or taxi driver.

If you buy yourself a cheap non-ergonomic chair or allow your boss to lumber you with one, you only have yourself to reproach, if you acquire a bad back or a stiff neck. However, office industrial related injuries do not stop there. There is repetitive strain injury too, which can be tremendously painful and last for years, causing you to have to give up your office career.

All of these facts are well documented by the health care profession and the unions, so if you want to make sure that you will be working in that office job for the foreseeable future, pick up a few pamphlets and read up on it.

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