Why web-design matters for your business

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Many business owners don’t realise that a well designed site can generate sales in the same way a bad design can lose you customers and business. Indeed I would say webmasters need to get their site operating at 100% of its potential before worrying about seo or other marketing methods, if not your throwing money down the drain.

The navigation or menu is the most important part of your site (not your flash banner) because it’s how people find the section they want. Users on the net don’t have a lot of patience so if your menu isn’t clear or well structured they won’t be hanging around to work it out.

Flash can really brighten up a site if it’s used in the right way, i.e. a flash presentation of your office can look great. But never make the entire site out of flash, there’s too many problems with it. For a start your site will never rank well on google and it won’t work on iphones either, remember not everyone is using a PC.

Many webmasters like to throw in the whole kitchen sink when it comes to displaying content, but less is definitely more. The worst offenders are ecommerce sites which give you 10 pages of technical data on every product. Unless people can find the info they want fast they are going to leave.

It amazes me that some webmasters still only test their site design in the latest internet explorer. The fact is different browsers have various ways of rendering the same code and unless you test it in all browsers you’re never going to know. If I land on a site that doesn’t work in my browser I leave within 1 sec.

It’s really important that your design is consistent because a site that randomly changes structure per page can be really off-putting for customers. I also really hate it when font families and colors change on different pages, to me it just looks very unprofessional and if you want me to place an order I need to have confidence in your business.

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