Why Visitors Leave Your Site Instead of Becoming Web Leads

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Web leads are the people who visit your web site. When managed, these leads often become customers. If your web site and the text on the pages (as well as other information and helpful content) are well written and designed, visitors will be moved from a unique landing page to pages with information they want or answers to their questions.

A study by the American Marketing Association recently discovered that only 65% of those who visit a web site will reach the product detail page, only 20% will put a product in a shopping cart, and only 2% will buy. This reveals two important insights: (1) many web sites are not making navigation easy enough to move visitors through the site to a purchase, and (2) web sites are not helping people overcome the typical barriers to buying.

This study identified five top reasons people leave a web site before making a purchase. They are:

1. Not ready for a purchase. They are still gathering information or they are not the right leads. Web leads must be managed in ways that help them find the information they need quickly and given a reason to buy now. Always tell them how to get to a real person for answers.

2. They are confused. These web leads are shut down because they cannot find the information they need to make a buying decision. Your job is to make that information easy to find.

3. They get distracted. Often there is too much dissonance on the page. The landing page should resemble the ad that brought you the web leads. This will feel comfortable. There should be nothing on that page that is not designed to move the lead to a buying decision.

4. Unease. Many things can make people uncomfortable about buying. Among them are too many products, the risk of buying something expensive or something you do not completely understand. Your job in managing these web leads is to reduce the risk, limit the options and help them move to the next stage in the buying process.

5. Exhaustion. These are the web leads who are so tired and frustrated by an inability to find what your ad told them to expect or because there are too many steps in the purchase or you are asking for more and more information, or links do not work properly, etc.

These are people who might have every intention of buying, but gave up because they ran into a barrier. Managing web leads means removing barriers. When you can find ways to manage web leads around these barriers, you will reduce the number of people who leave your site without making a purchase.

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