What To Take In The Bug Out Bag

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A bug out bag is definitely a survivalist’s best buddy. Unarguably, it’s a bag, which has all of the necessities for someone to live independently for at least three days or even more. Items which may be fitted into the bag varies from one survivalist to another, based upon on factors for example the environment, landscape, weather and availability of particular items. The few are some suggested items. It is in no way the ultimate bug out bag checklist but a suggestion of items worth taking into consideration. In the end, it is up to the consumer what to load up into his kit.

There are numerous bug out bag lists mentioned online, in books, magazines and other forms of media. The key with making your own bug out bag is to pack the essentials. A bug out bag is usually used in circumstances where in an emergency evacuation of the area is required. Hence, a few days is sufficient although some survivalists are really capable of packing enough to last for a much longer time.

Water is one essential when you’re thinking of bug out kits. Different countries of the globe have various guidelines on how much water you need to carry. For example, in America, the amount is about a gallon or almost 4 liters per day while in Canada, the amount is two liters of drinking water daily. Packing adequate water for a few days may sound heavy for some. One option is bringing pans to boil water, iodine tablets or consider investing in a water purification system.

Pack your own first aid kit. This is not the same as those available from the local drugstore, food store or mall. There are kits with scores of items included inside. A large percentage of those things aren’t necessary while other items are left out. Take into account the area where you may be abandoning. Think about the likely dangers and wounds for example insect or animal bites and bring remedies and medical essentials with those in mind.

A heavy duty knife should also be included in the bug out bag. This will help in a assortment of circumstances including cutting food, materials or protecting one’s self from possible predators, whether in animal or human form. There are numerous brands and models that you can purchase. As a guide, choose a knife which has been used or tested applying the same benchmarks as those implemented in the army. These might be really expensive but are worth your time and money.

Remember to pack extra clothing good for the 3 day evacuation or unexpected emergency. Durable pants and shirts are a must. Avoid jeans because these have a tendency to be heavy. Also, remember to bring a jacket, poncho or raincoat, depending on the weather conditions and the climate. A bandana is also a necessary thing to carry in a bug out bag as it has many uses ranging from a wipe to a water purification system and sling amongst others

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