What is Your Function in Life?

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“What is your function in life?” The hit man portrayed by English actor Vinnie Jones asks this question to his victims before he kills them in the cult 2004 Japanese movie “Survive Style 5+.” This is a very essential question. It doesn’t ask you what you are doing for a living or your nationality and religion. This question is solely about function. Before achieving your goals you must first understand your function in this world and change it if there is need.

Take a gear wheel. Yes one of the most clich instruments for a metaphor. Though our purpose is not a using it in a metaphor. If a gear wheel is made of metal, metal is only what it is made of, not its function. We can also say that all gear wheels turn but turning is not their function. It is just another property. It may be made of wood or metal even gold but its function is conducting and regulating movement. Where it is used is also important about its function. Is it in a watch or in a factory? These are the features defining its function.

Just like the gear wheel every person living in the world has a function. This function may change with point of view. For your boss your function is to make him richer. For your spouse it may be being company and being a partner in life. For your children you may be the obstacle preventing them to do all the cool things in life especially if they are at that infamous age group. Now the real question is this: What is your function in life in your own point of view? You must find out how you see yourself. If you don’t like the function you associated with yourself, you must change it without losing any time.

With your vision of yourself, also your vision of the world and the other people would change. This change will affect everything around you. Success and achievement follow those who believe in themselves. Once you stop functioning for other people and start to function for your own self, achievement will come to you. This is not magic or a new age theory. Do you know how your boss finds the energy to wake up at 6 o’clock every morning and work nonstop until very late hours? He finds the energy easily because he is working for himself. He is not working to make some rich man richer. He works to get richer himself. Once the angle changes, hard things will start to come more easily.

When you know that all you work for will come back to you for your happiness, you will automatically start to work harder for achieving your goals. The time to wake up or going to bed won’t mean anything to you anymore. Because you will be your own boss even if you are still working in the same office. This point of view will shape your future and your goals.

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