What is Stenography usually presents as an associate’s ?

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Do you dream of working in the courtroom recording the speech and dictation in connection of legal proceedings? Are you interested to witness the great trials in your community and be the one recording and reporting it? Then you should enroll in school for court stenography.

Court stenographers are assigned to be the one taking down notes about the whole record of a live trial using shorthand writing. And then they will change it in words to present the official transcript of the proceedings. Commonly, they gain as much as $65, 000.00 as a yearly salary.

Stenography is commonly offered as an associate’s degree. Outlines should contain legal terminology, machine shorthand, transcription and auditory language skills. There are many schools presenting this course program but one should be educated enough to decide which school to engage with. One of the factors that one should take into concern is the vicinity of the school.

Many work opportunities are presenting in the urban places contrasted to rural sites. Completing an internship is also a consideration. One should see to it that the internships are monitored by the practicing court reporters.

This should also be authorized by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). They are the one contributing the standards of the schools and universities presenting the course.

Some of the known court stenographer schools which offer this kind of course are listed below. Try to take a look of the school and decide whether or not you would wanted to take up the course with them. 1. Miami Dade College 2. El Paso Community College 3. Oakland Community College 4. Central Mexico Community College 5. Ceritos College 6. Cuyahoga Community College 7. San Antonio College 8. Community College of Alleghany County 9. Monroe Community College 10. University of Mississippi 11. Cyprus College 12. Madison Area Technical College 13. Erie Community College 14. West Valley College 15. Del Mar College 16. Midlands Technical College 17. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College 18. Saint Louis Community College-Meramec 19. Hinds Community College 20. Taft College

Before determining, one should be knowledgeable of the schools track record. Aim to investigate the certification of the said school if it is NCRA legalized. Then ask if possible the school’s certification passing rate. Take a look at the tuition costs of each school on your list. If it is a public school, determine the comparison of the in state and out of state students. Schools that reject to give assessment of their tuition fee should be deleted in your list.

Ask if the school is eligible for federal financial aid. Find out their equipments used. Take note also of the program length. Ask if they offer internship or externship and the place of the training to be able to have the idea of whether or not it is a better one. Good luck with your search for the court stenographer schools that suits you.

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