What do you need to know to become a plumber?

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So, you think you may want to go into being a plumber. Before you begin looking for plumber training, you need to figure out what this work may require from you, the jobs you will get to perform and the skills you ought to have. What must a plumber do? The job description of a plumber will require putting in place, repairing and looking after plumbing systems. As a rule, you will get to deal with chilled water, heat, steam, sewage and drainage systems. These will be industrial, commercial and domestic plumbing systems.

You will have to inspect sinks, commodes, pipes, joints, valves, tanks, pumps and heaters to decide what’s broken or malfunctioning, so that you get to fix or exchange these things as required.You will have to be able to read drawings, blueprints and schemes to learn the layout of the system, and also to learn positions of pipe connections and other fixtures. The work will definitely entail working with a selection of specialist plumbing tools, like pipe cutters, threading disks, reamers and so on.

You’ve got to note that you may find yourself working in bad light, small spots, dirty spots, big heights, toxic materials (for example, acid), and you will find yourself soaked in hot or freezing water on many occasions. Plus, as well as the physical skills needed to do the job, you will also need to learn the legal aspects of plumbing; you will need to memorise safety procedures, and to make sure that your work answers all the existing legal requirements. What mental skills will you need to have to develop into a great plumber?

The job description of a plumber is sure to require a mix of quick wits and physical skills.Your hands will most certainly get dirty, and you must be okay with that. A head for heights will also come in useful, plus the ability to lift up and carry around heavy objects. You ought to be willing to get yourself into cramped spots and do your job there, for example, in little basements, underneath sinks and behind washing machines. You’ll have to be able to use lots of tools properly and safely, so being good with your hands in general is required for any aspiring plumber. Also, you’ll require to have a great ability and initiative to problem solve: seriously, you’ll need it when you’re stuffed under a bath with icy water gushing in your face. You have to be very flexible, as there are tons of plumbing systems you’ll have to know your way around. A sound judgement and a mind which is open to unusual solutions will also will serve you well.

Most importantly, you’ll have to have a good work ethic, be scrupulously honest and very professional, because your reputation with clients will make or break your plumbing career. To conclude, plumbing is an extremely skilled trade, so you see that your plumbing training is going to take lots of hard work. But it will also be highly rewarding and lucrative, because good tradesmen are always in demand. Everyone needs plumbers, don’t they?

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