Want Targeted Traffic for Your Squidoo Lens – Implement These Tips

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Marketers who do enterprise online know how necessary it is, for the purpose of easily rating in search engines like google and yahoo, to make targeted pages and place them on authority sites. Squidoo is one of the authority websites you should utilize in order to attain your goal audience. Within the following article we shall be wanting into three distinct tips to help you promote your Squidoo lens and get more visitors to it. Whether your site discusses “blessed herbs digestive stimulator” or “golf,” you’ll find the following tricks to be both profitable and user-friendly.

The key is to utilize methods of free traffic whenever possible. Search engines should be the first things you think of when it comes to generating free traffic. The big names in search engines like Google, MSN, or Bing can bring in a ton of traffic that costs you nothing to generate. This isn’t just traffic that is targeted but it’s also traffic that’s known to convert. Since Squidoo is already considered an authority site, it won’t take your lenses as long to be ranked. The challenge for you is finding the right keywords to rank well for. The right keywords can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how quickly your lens is ranked. You should also build backlinks that are relevant. The higher the number of backlinks you’ve built the better your ranking in the search engines should be. In addition to exchanging links with other niche Squidoo lenses and blogging, commenting on forums is another excellent tool for building backlinks.

Before the search engines throw any love your way, you’re going to have to show them that your lens is on target for your niche. For example, if your lens is about “dog training” then don’t write about gardening because that will not only confuse your readers but also bring down the value of your lens in the eyes of the search engines. The more targeted your content is the better value it will deliver to your visitors. This will also increase the chances of getting word of mouth traffic as people recommend your lens to their friends.

Don’t forget to harness the power of word of mouth in order to promote your lens. Give your audience something to talk about and tell their friends and they will.

This article has revealed some great methods you can use to market your Squidoo lens and take advantage of your traffic. You should be using Squidoo, just like many other internet marketers, to communicate with your target market and to generate more leads or customers. Therefore, you should start informing people about your lens.

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