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In Australia, there is a place where you can have fun in and out of the sun all 365 days of the year. The calculated and widely celebrated events in Melbourne, the most populated city and capital of the state of Victoria, features a significant number of vibrant festivals that take place throughout the year in and around its central. People who live and have adopted Melbourne as their second home are party lovers and their calendar is so extensive that one wonders if there is any room for gloom at all. That wouldn’t be the case, since the people of Melbourne are noted to be a happy bunch, merrily immersing in festivities, carnivals, parades, and a lot of iconic sporting events that put Australia on the global map.

It’s amazing to see how one city can change the way people see things about celebrations and feasts. In Australia, the government and private sectors come together to make sure that the events in Melbourne are plotted enough to keep everyone else up to date and busy throughout the year. In the city itself, local publications advertise all upcoming events so that everyone will have something to look forward to and therefore, remain happy. Even the local Tourist Information Office is doing their share of the job. They will organize campaigns and spread word about helpful information that would guide tourists to the best places to stay, restaurants to visit, gigs to go to, and even the lowest airfares.

Get your planners and calendars ready, as you are treated to an overview of what it’s going to be like in Melbourne in 2012. The year starts with the prestigious Australian Open, where professional tennis players from around the world converge for the grand slam crown. It is then coincided with the Hanging Rock Horse Races, one of the annual events in Melbourne that dates back to the 19th century and clearly demonstrates how this progressive city still anchors itself to time-honored traditions. The whole world also looks forward to visiting this city in March, where the fastest cars in the planet race for the top spot in the Formula One Grand Prix. This will happen in the enormous Albert Park.

The middle of the year is heightened up even more, as the city celebrates the Next Wave Festival in May. This serves as a launching point for young Australians, aiming to foster their talents for arts and music. It is also a platform for Australia to boast its cultural treasures. It gets more special in June, when the city celebrates the Brown Brothers’ Food and Wine Festival. This is another of the time-honored events in Melbourne that is being preserved by its residents, in honor of the changing of the seasons that is believed to bring them bountiful harvests.

The year 2012 in Melbourne is not supposed to simply end, as it still offers more than any other states in Australia. In October, participants and spectators from around the world will witness the 3-week celebration of the Fringe Arts Festival. It is yet again another opportunity for the country to showcase its local talents, this time through street parties and parades. In December, professional golf players from different countries will participate in Australia’s premier golf tournament, the MasterCard Masters. There’s just no stopping Melbourne in celebrating life and its perks all-year round as it features the best that can be offered from the world’s Last Frontier.

Witness Australia’s second largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria in 2012. The events in Melbourne are plotted to make you want to come back over and over again. Who knows, you might even want to stay for good.

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