Viral marketing for beginners

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Is it really possible to let other people market your site for you? Because the main principle of viral marketing seems to be that it’s possible to let other surfers/readers/webmasters promote your site, purely because they like a piece of your content you have created. So how is viral marketing created and why are some webmasters good at it while others fail to generate anything more than a few visitors?

One thing that I have noticed about all great viral content is that it’s unique and original. Surfers today really have no interest in anything they have seen before so in order to stand out from the crowd you have to be different. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer a new angle on an old idea though, some of those campaigns have been very successful too.

Even though people usually create viral campaigns for purely commercial reasons you can’t “oversell” things too much. Surfers are very vary of corporate advertising and are always reluctant to share things with their friends that are too “branded”. Remember the main purpose of the campaign is to make people aware of you and not to just “sell”.

It’s important to get the ball rolling at the start of the campaign. Even if you have the most “sharable” content ever you really have to get someone prominent (i.e. a blogger) to get your campaign off the ground. It’s only after you hit a critical mass of people that your idea can start to snowball and this is when viral marketing becomes real value for money.

It amazes me how many people start a viral marketing campaign but have no real idea how well it worked by the end of it. You may be getting more sales/readers/visitors on your site but is this as a direct result of your marketing? It’s important to track what works and what doesn’t in order to improve in any kind of marketing environment.

Don’t forget that the end result of any campaign is to make money either directly or in-directly. I hope these tips help you to come up with a great campaign for your blog.

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