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The main drawback to SMS messaging for business communications is that Short Message Service Centres SMSCs developed by distinct companies use their own communication protocol and most of these protocols are exclusive. An SMSC will be the portion of a wireless network that handles SMS operations, such as routing, forwarding and storing incoming text messages on their method to desired endpoints. This means that the two centres cannot be connected if they don’t support a typical protocol unless a gateway is put in location.

An sms gateway acts as a device or service providing SMS transit by transforming messages to mobile network site visitors from other media, or by permitting transmission or receipt of SMS messages with or without the use of a mobile phone. SMS may be sent on-line to a mobile phone and vice versa making use of internet browsers, e-mail or a HTTP interface/API. The gateway is placed between two SMSCs and acts as a relay between them, translating one protocol to an additional 1. Gateways are used to facilitate SMS traffic between organizations and mobile subscribers, including mission-critical messages, SMS for enterprises, and content delivery.

Some gateways have more functions than others. Some allow you to compose messages to more than one recipient, create group lists, manage messages, and send pre-set or customized replies.

Organisations locate themselves benefitting from the simplicity offered by a gateway, without having which a business’ SMS messaging application increases in complexity and development time, therefore wasting valuable time and funds.

Wireless carriers, content providers and sms application developers might find an SMS gateway especially helpful. If an organisation chooses to support a lot more SMSCs, all they’ve to do is modify the settings of the gateway. Having a public gateway you can send a message to a device on yet another network, and buddies or business associates without SMS-equipped phones or pagers can send messages to you. This is particularly useful and convenient method to keep in get in touch with should you do not have access to your e-mail account, or an SMS-equipped phone.

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