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Finding and using the best email marketing practices can be the difference between failure and success, in some types of businesses. The more people that read your messages, the better chance you have of making a sale or contact. However, numbers alone will not insure any kind of successful venture. It is important to market effective strategies with electronic mail campaigns. Here is a look at some methods that can help.

Keeping it Simple

You may wish to dazzle prospective clients and customers with flashy ads, and product images. However, this may not be a very good idea. Recent research shows that more than half of your recipients will view your messages on mobile devices that do not receive HTML. This means that all they get is text, and anything else may actually get in the way of your message.

Plain text is the best way to send promotional messages and newsletters. Try to keep as few images as possible in the body of the email. Place the entire message with images at your website. All you need to do is insert a link to the HTML version of your promotion. Your readers can decide if they want to see it or not.


Most people enjoy the sight of their own name. This is why personalization works, and mass mailings often fail. It is not hard to insert names at the top of each promotional message. This lets people know that you are interested in them on and individual basis. Make sure that you personalize the “from” address from the mailing, too, as a human name is better than an organization.

Make sure that your recipients get mail that is addressed to them, not simply “hello” or “dear customer”. The less personal you are, the more your messages will appear to be spam. Most people feel the same way about spam, as they do telemarketers. They feel like they are an invasion upon their time and privacy.

If you try to get the reader’s attention with cheap tactics, you will probably fail. When the subject is “urgent” or has exclamation points, people will believe that it is spam. Also, do not use all capital letters in your subject, either.

Final Thoughts

When you send your newsletters and ads in plain text, more people will be able to see and read them. More than half of your recipients cannot receive HTML in their messages. People love to see their names in print, so be personal in your approach. If you want to fail, resort to cheap tricks like telling the recipient that the message is urgent or very important. Some of the best email marketing practices involve thinking of the customer’s needs first.

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