Using Online Faxing for Marketing and Promotions

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It is always a challenge to find new ways in which to implement marketing campaigns. Customers get bombarded with so many marketing messages in a day; if you want your message to stand out, you have to do something different. Online faxing provides you with a way of doing that.

What Makes Online Faxing Easy to Use?

Online faxing takes advantage of internet technology to bring you a more efficient way of sending and receiving faxes. With a traditional fax machine, you would first need print up a document and then go to the fax machine, dial the number and send it off. This process may not seem to take too much time but compare it to sending a fax online. Because the fax server integrates with your existing computer systems, you can send a fax off without having to print it up first. You can simply call up the document and then send it off using the fax software on your computer. You don’t even need to leave your desk. You can send the document while you are still talking on the phone to clients.

How to Impress your Customers with Online Faxing

When you are utilizing a customer calling campaign, you can use online faxing to send information out to your clients. Take for instance when you have to call a customer. As you speak to them, you can capture their details right away into the system. If they are interested in what you have to offer, you can send them further information or an order form. Imagine how impressed they will be if they receive the order form before you have even stopped speaking to them on the phone. That way you can help them complete the form and then provide them with a dedicated fax number where they can return it to you. Being able to send the information right away using online faxing can actually help you to close the sale.

Using Online Faxing in Your Marketing Research and Campaigns

You may be doing a survey or some research on one specific sector of your market or product. You could even be running several surveys simultaneously. In order to get the feedback from the clients in a way that is easy to manage, you could allocate a different fax number to each survey. In that way, all the surveys will be batched together for a specific product. You don’t need to spend hours reading through the different surveys and sorting them. Because each fax number is linked to a specific computer in your office, you can very easily check to see what the response to each survey has been. It is also easy to assign an employee to the task of extracting the data from the survey. They can easily call up the document on their computer and then input the data into a spreadsheet. All of this can be managed on a single computer. If there is a whole team tasked with sorting through the information then it is very easy to distribute the information within the group. The team leader can easily batch the information and forward it to the different team members using online faxing. There is no need to print up many pages of surveys to read through manually. All the information can be easily viewed on the computer screen.

Ways to Promote Your Business Using Online Faxing

You could be running a competition or specific promotion where clients have to respond to an advertisement in order to get a special discount or be enrolled in a drawing. Instead of having to deal with boxes of manual entries, you can dedicate a specific fax number to be the competition line. In the same way as the fax number becomes a hub for your marketing research, it can also be used to manage the response from a competition. One of the advantages of using an online fax server for the task is that the fax does not need to be manned. The fax server operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you are not longer working, your fax number is. This means that customers can send their competition entries at any time of day or night. There is also less risk of any of the competition entries getting lost; all online faxes will be routed to a specific computer and can easily be filed away.

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