Using A Main Server On A VPS Server In Just A Few Easy Stages

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VPS is a step forward from shared hosting, as it allows you a lot more flexibility, better performance and stability, as well as the ability to customize all the programs you install. Nowadays, there are several UP VPS providers can that offer you a fully configured and installed mail server at a certain price. If you do not want to spend that extra money, then you should consider installing a mail server yourself.

First, you will need to decide on the right software tool for the job and the applications it requires to work, based on your operating system. If you are using a Windows platform, then you should know that Open Webmail works best with VPS UK AND a Windows VPS host , for example. This tool functions very well with any VPS hosting UK service and it is very easy to configure. If you are familiar with the display interface of Outlook, then you should have no problem setting up this application either. At the same time, this program is free of charge, so you do not have to worry about spending money for your VPS UK and Windows mail service.

Verify whether all the dependencies it requires are installed on your VPS hosting UK. The most important one is Apache, but you will find an extensive list on the website of Open Webmail. Once you settled the dependencies, then you can move on to the next sequence.

At this point you will have to obtain the newest version of the program’s tarball via your emulator. If your operating system is Windows, then PuTTY is the regular emulator choice. Because you normally have remote access only to your own service, you will need to use the SSH command to access the program. When you find the appropriate tarball to download into the UK VPS hosting space, use the “wget” command to get it.

The command you need to use in order to move it onto the UK VPS hosting space is “mv”.After you have positioned it on your website, you will simply need to use the “rm” command to get rid of the data folder. Enter the “cd /var/www/cgi-bin/openwebmail/etc” command line. The previous command line will allow you to fully configure the files and choose the services of the mail server that you actually need. In case you are wondering if you will be able to make all the appropriate settings without damaging the program, you can put your mind at ease. All the basic command lines of this UK hosting VPS mail service have the proper description in the comment area, thus you can be sure you know what the exact effects of the modifications you make are.

This is an ideal solution for people that do not want to pay additional fees for the UK VPS services. Besides, you will be able to find all the necessary programs you need for handling your mail server. Furthermore, since the configuration process is intuitive and flexible, you can be sure it will be able to offer the exact solution for your purpose.

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