Use Social Media To Spread The Word About Melaleuca

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You can achieve success in Melaleuca even if you are new to the business. The key is getting your opportunity in front of a lot of people. How do you reach a large number of people? The Internet is clearly the easiest way to reach a large number of people.

My up-line did not provide with a real plan to market on the Internet. I don’t know if he was to busy or just did not know how to market on the Internet. I had a company replicated website and it was suggested that I use Twitter and Facebook to drive people to my website. The problem was that I did not have a clue how to do that and no one was showing me how.

What I needed when I started in the business was a simple blue print that I could use to promote by opportunity and products. I needed a strategy that I could start right away. I needed something easy that I could teach to others. I had know idea how to use Twitter or Facebook for marketing. I didn’t have a Twitter account and didn’t even understand Attraction Marketing.

I will admit that I was lost and became frustrated. I wasted a lot of time and money, but I found out that both Twitter and Facebook are valuable tools to use for marketing. I also found that if you are not careful you will offend people using Twitter and Facebook who do not want people marketing to them. So if you use Twitter and Facebook to market your product or opportunity tread carefully.

That said: how do you use Twitter and Facebook to market Melaleuca? The answer would take me pages and pages. I am posting this article for those who are struggling and would like to know how to use Twitter and Facebook. At the bottom of this article I am posting a link to 2 FREE webinar videos, one each for Twitter and Facebook. I hope it helps and saves you time. Remember help your down-line and help your side-line. Success in Melaleuca will come from helping others.

Bruce Holmes is a Marketing Coach. Use Social Media to build your Melaleuca Biz. Create a Marketing Plan for Melaleuca.

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