Unleash The Great Power of Persuasion

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Trying to get your husband to buy you Louboutin pumps or trying to get your boss to up the ante on your wages each requires the technique of the undeniable power of persuasion.

Persuasion is a kind of social influence. If and when a person is influenced by another person as to his or her beliefs or actions, this kind of influence is at work. And it should not come as a shock that there are different ways in which this can be achieved.

There is not reason why each of us could not use persuasion. What we need in place, though, is knowledge of how the mind works and some good plans to put that knowledge in motion to alter the ways in which people think or feel.

Modern society has long come to accept the techniques of persuasion. And these techniques are everywhere in the territory of marketing and advertising. Wherever an industry is interested in selling its products, in short.

The following list will give you the various ways in which you can utilize persuasion.

1.Reciprocity: The old saying tells us that there is no such thing as a free lunch. In other words, when we are given something, we feel like giving something back for it. This elucidates the success of handing out free samples. Then you get one, you feel a kind of obligation to return the favor by buying the product in question.

2.Commitment: Whenever you make a pledge, you are obligating yourself to honor that pledge since you made it because you believed in the cause in the first place. Therefore, you assume the right thing to do is to honor that pledge.

3.Social proof: This is due to the fact that when we witness other people doing something, we want to follow suit. We believe that if a large number are doing something, then that something is right. This is even capable of making a person to go against their beliefs and do what now appears to be the right thing anyway.

4.Authority figures: When an authority figure speaks on behalf of something, we tend to give that something instant trust. This way the authority figure’s example comes across as the truth.

Of the many ways of persuasion two stand out: an appeal to reason or an appeal to emotion. Other strategies can also apply, such as body language. Salesmen the world over use many such techniques.

Still, many feel that persuasion and its uses should be regulated to keep them in check. Since it is a forceful tool, many feel that it should always be used with a sense of responsibility.

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