Unique Jewelry Boxes To Keep Your Valued Treasures

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Do you own a number of nice jewelries but have no specific place to put them? Then, what you will read may well solve your problem. This is because you can find a unique store to keep all your valuables safe. An archaistic jewelry box shop near the famous Hongqiao Pearl Market is just the place to go. There, you’ll notice that the boxes have a strong, traditional feel.

When you enter the shop, you’ll find that there are many eye-catching jewelry boxes of various sizes. Most of them are painted with vermilion, combined with yellow images. These colors are significant to the Chinese because they symbolize nobility and happiness. What’s more, the accessories like handles and some of the gilded corners are made from yellow brass. Designs like those will give the impression that it’s from Beijing, China.

You’ll also notice stunning images on the boxes. Usually, dragons and phoenixes are the usual depictions. These are symbolic because dragons represent male, while phoenixes signify female. When drawn together, the picture of a dragon and a phoenix translates to harmony and protection.

Mr. Li, the shopkeeper, will tell you that these jewelry boxes were professionally handmade and hand painted. The styles were influenced by the Ming and Qing dynasties several hundreds of years ago. Mr. Li opened this shop because he believes that these archaistic jewelry boxes can still be well-received even in these modern times. By selling handmade goods, he is able to share what China is all about.

If you really love handmade artwork, then this is the place where you should go. Here, not only can you purchase Chinese-style jewelry boxes but also, you get to admire the fine craftsmanship that has been carefully placed in these creations.

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