Undemanding Hints On How To Look Like Jack Sparrow

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A pirate costume will ever be part of any honoring that has costumes in it. One of the most remarkable and celebrated pirate costumes to date is that of Captain Jack Sparrow of the motion picture “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Such costume is known ofr its customized red bandanna, thick eyeliner, braids and rugged facial hair. Do you want to look like Jack Sparrow in your next costume party? That is painless. Just follow these suggestions and your good to go. Aye Aye Captain!

The Complete Dress

Looking like Jack Sparrow is more than just the promotional bandannas. Positively, it takes a full get up to take that pirate look. How can you take each apparel? It is extraordinarily simple. First, find a white shirt with a small opening in the front. You can fulfill a rummage of your daddy’s closet or just order one for yourself. There are bargain stores that sell such commodity for lower price.

Secondly, pair it with a khaki Capri pants and an over-sized dark brown vest. Lastly, don’t forget that Jack Sparrow is celebrated for his red logo printed bandanna. You can attain these materials on your closet or just attain them in some department stores or thrift shops.

The Rugged Jack Sparrow Face

Jack Sparrow’s face is indeed remarkable. He exudes a rugged persona that makes him a tough act to beat. Truly, he is the character that can fulfill long hair and make up without betraying his manhood. To append more flavor, attain a short wig and braid it to approximately eight to ten sections. Make these braids rugged, messy and frizzy to get that Jack Sparrow appeal. Top it off with your promotional red bandanna.

When it comes to make up, drape the edges of your entire eyes with eyeliner. Your can have the usual pencil-like liner or the liquid one. Additionally, you can also exhaust it around your mouth and on your chin to invent fake goatee or mustache.

If you are blessed with various facial hair, just keep them or adopt hair extension. Braid it into two the way you braid your wig. On the other hand, if you don’t have sufficing hair on your face, you can attain black yarn and create mustache out of it.

Accessories For Some Finishing Touches

Get the additional accessories to finish off your Jack Sparrow costume. If you can look for a custom imprinted bandanna, just use any fabric that you can drape around your head. Do it as well on your waist as a belt. Wear additional accessories like bracelets and lastly, suit up brown boots.

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