Trade Show Transportation and Planning

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In today’s world of tight budgets and high gas prices, you have got to be sure to factor the expenses of transportation into your trade show plans. You do not need to find your ROI falling as you designed an incredible looking new trade show display, but failed to plan the transportation good enough.

Consider The Car from the Beginning

Now, before I begin talking about this, allow me to say that you shouldn't plan around the car if it'll reduce the effectiveness of your compact trade show displays. But you must consider it.

For example, if you are considering a tall display which will reach 12 or 15 feet, you might need to design it so that it can be broken down simply and fit into standard moving cars. This way you don't have to hire a mover specifically for the transport ever single time.

Tips for Using a Transportation Company

One of the largest benefits of having high-quality, portable trade show displays is that they are, in reality compact. Regardless of what you choose to do with the design, you may find yourself needing to hire a transportation company. Here are 1 or 2 pointers that may help you cut costs:

– Ship early – Contact the trade show organizers and ask what the earliest available delivery and setup times are. You can then give the delivery company a larger window and ask about off-peak rates.
– Consolidate shipping – Look over your fellow presenters and find one that's close to you. Call them and see whether they'd be interested in transporting their display thru the same company as you and then visit the company together and ask for a discounted rate to ship both.
– Go digital – I cannot stress this enough; don't print your materials previously and pay to ship them. If the trade show is in another town or state, this is especially important. Make digital files and have them printed near the trade show location then have a staffer or worker pick them up.

American Image Displays will help you design portable trade show displays, while considering transport costs. Bring your goals and concerns and we’ll help you work out the rest.

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