Trade Show Booth Accessories- the Finishing Touches

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Once the display stand for your trade show booth is chosen, it is time to consider the finishing touches. It is time to choose accessories that are going to pull together everything you’re hoping to accomplish with the trade show booth design.

There are limitless options when it comes to finishing up the exhibit booth. Keep in mind when purchasing trade show booth accessories that they should help create a structured appearance in the booth and support the activities that are going to take place there.

An easy way to make your booth stand out from your neighbors is to use custom carpeting; the different color will mark your space, and if the booth carpet has your company name or logo on it, that will make it even more obvious.

Besides using a custom colored carpet to “mark your space”, you can also use it to attract visitors. By the end of the day, both your staff and your visitors will enjoy the experience of standing on padded carpet, rather than typical convention cement barely covered by thin carpet – your staff will have more energy and your visitors will enjoy the rest for themselves too.

You’re probably exhibiting at a trade show to sell products and services. A trade show counter or podium will be an important aid to your plans; they will provide a place to display and demonstrate your products and capture leads – both of which are important parts of your trade show plans.

Many exhibit counter designs are available, including some that offer the ability for signage and graphics, helping you to promote yourself. Some counters add storage space too, allowing the exhibitor to skip using show storage for their brochures and literature.

If you’re at a table top exhibition, then every inch you get to use is very important. Take advantage of all of your space, and think twice about how to use it – your goal is to attract attention, not blend in, and just using the solid color table cloth provided by the show is a waste of the opportunity.

A custom table throw might be a very good investment; instead of blending in with your neighbors, a high quality table throw with your company name and logo on it will help promote your company and help you stand out and look different than your neighbors.

Choosing the right final touches for your trade show booth is an important part of your overall booth design. Don’t skip this step when creating your booth design plan – every little bit is important.

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