Top 5 Chinese New Year’s Resolutions That Normally End Up Ruined

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This coming Chinese New Year, do you have a resolution in mind? Many of us would say yes. It is already a habit that the mark of a brand new year is the perfect day to start anew. It is a brand new chapter where we have a new white page to write on our destiny. However, as time goes by, some of us tend to forget their promises to themselves making these resolutions a bunch of kaput pledges. Here are the five of the most common resolution that end up wrecked.

Lose Weight

As the year ends we are always positive that we can do this and that. Losing weight is the initial promise that people typically break as the first quarter of the year passes by. Individuals tend to lose their discipline and give in to temptations of cheap promotional items like discounts in bars and restaurants and free food items in different occasions. Lastly, blame it on to sedentary way of life that most offices in the urban arena is living.

Stop Smoking

To stop smoking is really a complicated thing to do. It takes tons of support, discipline and cooperation to make a 180 degrees turn from the lethal vice. People always assure that they’ll stop it but this vice is too good for them to surrender. It is part of their lives. No surprise why there are information drives and other occasions that are giving away cheap promotional products regarding the risk and danger of such vice but it seems like that what they are saying is becoming into a clich day by day.

Enjoy quality time with the family

It is a bit difficult for people who are loaded with too much work behind their backs. Moreover, there are times that they need to attend to some happy hour with their colleagues and friends that compromises the little time that they have to spend with their families. There are malls and theme parks that exist to service the whole family. Most of the time, they are distributing cheap promotional items along with promos and discounts during family day only to get a certain family bonded together.

Find true love

Hunting for a soul mate might sound cheesy and corny but there are hopeless romantic individuals who always hope to see their one true love. Blame it to love stories and rom-com movies and series for disseminating the love bug among the community. But bear in mind, you hold the rudder of your boat and no resolution will tell you when and how you would find your soul mate. On the other hand, this will be a nice market for those businesses who fabricate cheap promotional materials.

Stay away from debt

This might probably the number one resolution of an obsessive shop-a-holics who have their credit cards completely maximized. Being a shop-a-holic is already tagged as a psychological disorder. It would be very difficult for these persons to resists discounts and weekly sales on major malls and business establishments. If you deem that you’re on the level of falling in the ocean of debt, consult a specialist, they can help you with your problem. But if you are on your way to the first stage, just go to corporate affairs, trade shows to ace cheap promotional items that you can use. Ridiculous, but it can help you. At least, you are not shelling out something because these products are free of charge.

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