Tom Ford’s Success

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One of the most successful and powerful men in fashion is arguably Tom Ford. The extravagant designer was responsible for turning Gucci around into the mainstream brand that it has become and taking the company’s sales from millions to billions in a short space of time.

The talented designer was considered irreplaceable in Gucci however due to a number of disputes with the board members he later resigned, a decision that many industry commentators judged as being very daring but the designer has no regrets since starting his own fashion brand which has quickly become an established fashion house.

The self named brand produces a wide range of fashion lines from men’s clothing, beauty products, male and female’s accessories and high end eyewear. One of the most notable successes of the company is its unmatched success in the sunglasses market. The high quality and unique designs produced by the fashion ford Tom Ford have led to major fashion labels trying to mimic his style but always unsuccessfully.

The sunglasses designs that the Tom Ford company produce are significantly influenced by trends and styles from decades past and take inspiration from the vintage curves and details of previous years. With a modern contemporary take on these classic designs the brand was able to quickly become a major fashion brand in the market.

Each pair of sunglasses produced by Tom Ford has been a testament to the luxury styling of the brand and design philosophy of Tom Ford himself. The frames effortless style and practicality are able to impressively decorate any face easily. Like all the major designers Tom Ford’s products are created in Italy and each pair of sunglasses comes with a quality cleaning cloth and sunglasses case to ensure the glasses can be well maintained.

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