Tips For Becoming An Orthodontist

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Dentistry is split into different categories. Orthodontics is a part of the field that specializes in the development and growth of teeth, the jaw, and the face. Becoming an orthodontist will take years of study, but in the end can be a rewarding career with a high average salary.

What is Involved in Orthodontics?

A general dentist will perform certain orthodontic treatments, but normally an orthodontist are the doctors who perform dentofacial orthopedics. This special field involves making sure that the jaw, lips, teeth, and face are aligned correctly. An orthodontist treats teeth that are not in the right position and uses braces or other means to move and straighten the teeth. This is done for both cosmetic reasons as well as to make them function properly.

Orthodontic treatments are mostly used to prevent dental problems later on in life. Braces are used when a person is young to prevent other serious problems and possible costly treatments down the road. Braces are often expensive, but not as costly as further surgery.

Requirements and Education

A person intending to become an orthodontist needs to invest many years of hard work and studying. It also means putting down a serious financial investment. A person first needs to become a qualified dentist, then finish a post graduate orthodontics program. These can be quite difficult to enter since the process for admission is strict and the field is one of the most competitive. A normal dental school program takes four years to complete and a post graduate program takes another two or three. This post graduate study must be successfully finished before a person can practice in the field of orthodontics.

A person usually needs at least a bachelor’s degree to apply for dental school. Certain schools do accept applicants who do not hold this degree, but who have finished at least two years in a dental undergraduate program. If a person hopes to improve their chances in getting accepted in dental school, the best way is to first obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in medical science.

Average Salaries and Rewards

The requirements are high and this area of dentistry is challenging and competitive, but there are also many rewards. These include financial rewards. Average salaries are higher than general dentist salaries and can be around $200,000 in the U.S. The profession is very specialized and highly respected, and there is always enough demand for orthodontics and dental care in general.

Cosmetic dentistry is another part of orthodontics. This part is growing exceptionally quickly, providing further opportunities for orthodontists. Those who obtain a career in orthodontics will be ensured a stable and secure position. There are also personal rewards for those who work in the field, as they are often able to greatly improve their patients’ qualities of life and create successful treatments.

Those who are interested in becoming an orthodontist will need to commit to several years of study and work. They will need to take four years of undergraduate schooling and will then need to take up to seven years in post-graduate dental and orthodontic school training. Still, this work can pay off with great benefits, and provides job stability and financial security.

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