Three Ways To Commemorate National Iced Tea Month

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A cup of cold iced tea is one of the choicest remedies for a hot and sweaty summer day. The existence of iced tea is an evidence that Americans have a very unique love affair with this refreshing drink. Aside from their keenness on it, don’t you know that there is such thing as National Iced Tea Month? This happening is interesting and if you plan to take a big plunge on this novel holiday, why don’t you raise your custom plastic cups and think of modes how you can celebrate the zany event with your friends?

Before you head on and glorify, read this simple article on how you would rejoice this one-of-kind summer treat.

Celebration #1: Go to the beach

June also signals the summertime and every individual will clearly go to the beach and have their doze of extra summer fun and sun tan. Though, basking under the heat of the sun may also be dehydrating and exhausting. After playing beach volley by the shore, why don’t you have your iced tea party at the pristine sands of the beach? Hot summer plus iced tea on your favorite custom imprinted plastic cups mean one invigorating summer fun.

Celebration #2: An Office Stress Relief

A cup of iced tea will positively complete your considerably stressful day. We all know that the offices exude that fast-phased and hectic atmosphere that bugs down every employee. Plus, most bosses are not as acceptable as you think they are. Instead of going nuts on deadlines and demanding bosses, why don’t you take your lunch together and have an iced tea party. An hour break could release the tension and give you a sudden escape from stress. Lastly, there is no optimal thing to pair the cold and refreshing beverage but excellent party.

Celebration #3: Another valid reason to have a house party

If you want to take a break from alcohol you can constantly try tea for a change. Instead of taking the traditional hot tea, fix it in a cool custom made plastic cup and add some ice cubes. You can also append some honey or low-calorie sweetener and some lemon wedges to taste. Indeed there is no better way celebrating this unprecedented function but at the comfort of your own home. Set up a room where you and your friends can talk, have fun and drink iced tea off your very own personalized measuring cups. This would be a simple yet great bonding time that you and your friends can share.

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