The Young and the Restless: How Young Professionals Can Make Use of a Graduated Payment Mortgage to Buy Their First Home Now

Comments Off on The Young and the Restless: How Young Professionals Can Make Use of a Graduated Payment Mortgage to Buy Their First Home Now 22 June 2011

Many young professionals in today’s economy have an interest in purchasing their first home. Mortgages are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, however, particularly when employers are able to pay their employees less to work when jobs are sparse.

In terms of purchasing a home, you have options as a young professional, though. A graduated payment mortgage, or GPM for short, is one of these.

Initially at the beginning of the loan’s term, a graduated payment mortgage offers you the ability to make lower payments. These monthly payments will become larger over time. A form of negative amortization is what this loan is considered. A graduated payment mortgage makes it possible for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the financial capabilities to purchase a home, as it is geared primarily toward young professionals. While currently not making enough to make full monthly mortgage payments under a traditional loan scheme, this loan is often offered under the assumption that a young professional will eventually be making more money in the future.

As a result, the monthly mortgage payments tend to increase after a few years, presumably as the young professional also progresses in their career. This loan is cited as ideal for young men and women who are law students or medical students. While in school, these young professionals may not be able to afford a traditional monthly mortgage payment. Sometimes even in weaker economies it is presumed that these young men and women will be able to find employment with a good salary. Consequently, once they graduate and become employed, they will be able to afford a higher monthly payment amount on the home they purchased.

The graduated payment mortgage option consequently benefits both lenders and young professionals. Lenders are offered reasonable assurance that the borrowers will be able to make regular payments over a specified period of time. Young professionals, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to become homeowners earlier than they otherwise would have, given their current financial situation while they are still in school. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for every party involved and is a good choice for anyone who wants to purchase their first home.

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