The Secrets About Paypal Limited Access – Why and How?

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For long periods Paypal was first like my best companion. It was constantly there in my situation with all of my online endevours like ebay and amazon. Then eventually it switched on me. Paypal limited access to my account. I was completely emotionally vulnerable and heartbroken. Worst of all I was baffled. I did nothing to Paypal to ought to have this. I was always honest and had an excellent score of 91! I was totally blindsided.

For days I had been confused. I approached customer service about how exactly Paypal limited use of my accounts. Not only do they not really help me, these people wouldn’t even let me know what I do wrong! The woman told me which hundreds of individuals every day phone her with this particular exact same issue, and that I wasn’t special and never going to get any special remedy just because We claimed which i did nothing incorrect. I nearly cried!

The more All of us looked into the key reason why Paypal limited utilization of my company accounts, the more I came across that I was not alone. Thousands of people around the world have got this similar problem. I furthermore found out worse news, that Paypal had the particular legal right to be able to freeze my own funds for just about any full A hundred and 80 days, without having letting myself know the reason! This blew my mind.

I had over $3,000 in my account that I couldn’t use. Consistent fights with customer service did nothing to help. A perfectly innocent member of society, being punished for a crime that I did not do. I didn’t even know what the crime was! Christmas was approaching and I live so far from any real shopping center that I had to do all of my shopping online. But since Paypal limited access to my account, this was impossible.

Taking it upon myself to find a solution, I tried to simply create a new Paypal account. But it is impossible to do this legally, and I did not want any more issues with limited access. I checked out other money sending services like Xoom and Western Union, but their rates were ridiculous. Then I really began to do my research.

Since Paypal limited access to millions of accounts around the world, at least one person must have figured out a way to get around it. Most of the sites I found simply complained about Paypal being a scam, but offered no reasonable alternatives. But then I found some hope! I stumbled upon an article about some guy who found this site that explained everything: why Paypal does this, and how to get around it!

Paypal is not the bad guy! Paypal only gets paid when you get paid, so why would they want to stop you from doing this? It is simply one of those cases of a few bad people ruining things for everyone. Paypal is simply being safe, trying to ensure the maximum amount of happy customers.

This guy’s article lead me to find out that you can actually work with Paypal using a few simple techniques, and within a few days all of your problems will be solved. If Paypal limited access to your account, if you are like me and the thousands of people around the world who have been frustrated by this seemingly hopeless situation, if you have no idea what to do and tried everything you can think of, DON’T GIVE UP! You can get around this, and you can have access to your account within a few days.

I want to help you, just like the article I read helped me, its only fair that I return the favor. If you want to find out what I did when Paypal limited access to my account, check out

I wish to tell others in order to stop this Paypal tyranny of putting limitations on naive customers accounts. If you are curious to learn more about Paypal limited Access and how to take care of it, please check out This article, The Secrets About Paypal Limited Access – Why and How? has free reprint rights.

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