The Best Thermal Transfer Printers For Your Workplace: Sony UPCX1

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For you who still do not know, the thermal transfer printer is the printer that may print the paper by using the melting the coating of the ribbon so it can stay glued to the material in places you use the printer. This product is quite different with the direct thermal printer where there is no ribbon presented in the printing process.

In 1940, SATO Company was the first company that has created this printer. This printer provides you numerous features which will help your task. The first is printing the barcode labels which are last longer than regular thermal printer. This device can also be useful for marking the clothing labels for the clothes size. Another function that you can get is printing the plastic labels for the cheaper plastic that is usually used for the chemical containers. This plastic is melting easier when experiencing the laser printer.

The barcode printer usually is available in the fixed sizes for the 4 inches, 6 inches, and the 8 inches wide. When you go to the market or find the information regarding the barcode printers, you can find that there are various thermal laser printers which you can choose. One of these is the Sony UPCX1 Printer.

By using this Sony printer, you will get more benefits than using other printers. Its price is indeed more expensive than the other. But you will get your money return since it provides you various advantages. The first advantage you will get is the high speed printing process. This printer has the new technology print engine that provides the high-speed in the printing process. You can print 4×6 inch in 16 second, 4×8 inch in 21 second, and the 5×7 inch in 17 seconds.

You no longer need to worry that placing the printer can fit any place even in the smallest place. It is because the printer has the compact design. The design is also stylish which makes it is suitable for any home or office decor. Another advantage of this printer is that it has the easy maintenance. Exchanging the paper and the ribbon is simple thing to do. You just need to roll the paper with the printing surface inside. The printing surface comes with the protection against the foreign substances like the finger marks and dust. The easy handling of the CX1 will minimize the downtime when the busy workflow happens.

You will find that this printer produces you the superb level of quality pictures which are provided by the Sony dye sublimation. This technology will enable you to produce the crisp, vibrant, and the natural photo quality. You will also get the durable and expert photo result. When you need the printer for the higher amount, it is the best answer.

When you need thermal printers, you may also consider the thermal CD printer for another option. Make sure that you will get benefit from the one you are choosing.

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