The Benefits Of A Lollipop Fundraiser

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Ever thought of holding a lollipops fundraiser? Not likely. Many people eventually will need to raise money for a certain purpose, the purpose is not relevant however your desire to want to raise money is. The tough part is trying to figure out what you can do to earn money, and not just earn money but to make enough for it to make a difference. Some ideas regrettably need a bundle of money to start them up however this one doesn’t. You do not need much money at all to begin selling lollipops to raise money for your cause.


Does this idea sound somewhat silly to you? Well it shouldn’t, selling lollipops can be a terrific means of raising extra cash. And it can be achieved without needing to invest a lot to start it up too!

Many fundraising ideas demand a large sum of money to get going, but with one which sells lollipops this is unnecessary. You can purchase large bags of lollipops for a small price. Then when you sell them you can choose which price to sell them for. However, since you will make a large profit margin try to keep the price low to encourage more sales.

There are many ways in which you can use the lollipops to represent your fundraising cause. As an example if you were to do a breast cancer fundraiser you could choose to have pink lollipops. Lollipops may also sweeten the deal if you’re trying to get people to participate in a raffle.

This really is such a versatile idea, as you are selling lollipops it is great for almost any event you may think of. On the other hand, with certain fundraising causes it may be smart to put thought into whether or not it would be proper to place a stall at a certain event.

In order to raise a lot of money for the cause do not just aim to do one event, try to do any and all you can think of. Lollipop fundraisers are good for; school fairs, business, school or local events or any special attractions, so why not try each one of these?

Raising funds is satisfying, particularly when it is for something you are concerned about. Do not rule a lollipop fundraiser out because it is an excellent way of raising money. Consider, for one bag of lollipops you could quickly quadruple your income.

If you really want to make your group’s fundraising initiatives explode, make sure you check out to uncover excellent ideas like the lollipop fundraisers which can support your money raising endeavors right away.

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