Text Message Marketing: is it beneficial?

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I would like to explain the 3 unique techniques your business will get advantages from using Text Message Marketing.

First, is Social Media. You almost certainly already have a Fan Page on FaceBook for your business. Using Text Message Marketing with a company that integrates with Social Media, simply permits you to install a plug-in on your ‘FanPage ‘ and begin texting your clients who opt-in to the TextMyFans App.

Today’s savvy consumers are now requesting and replying to real time information and offers from firms they adore. By giving your ‘Fans ‘ the facility to get SMS notifications from you, you are basically inflating and empowering your relationship with your loyal fan-base.

Secondly, as a customer of a Text Message Marketing company, you have the luxury of your own, SMS Code Keyword that’s wholly original to only you.

You don’t share your keyword with any other business, so you have absolute control over your message.

So let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a day spa in the Atlanta area, and you wished to start integrating SMS Marketing into your promotion. You can use ‘DaySpaAtlanta’ as your signup keyword for your customers.

Now There are a few benefits to using SMS Marketing in your local marketplace.

Because it’s a keyword that YOU selected, the sole messages sent to your clients will be the ones that YOU send. So you do not have to fret about somebody sending messages to your customers with your SMS Code.

Luckily , you may also choose any other keyword for a different producat that you have that can be found. So, just because you are found in a certain industry,Text Message Marketing actually doesn’t limit you to using one keyword for your businesses code. The choice is yours.

In summing up, the three significant benefits of Text Message Marketing:

1. FanPage integration.

2. Unique Keywords to your business

3. Industry or Product-Specific Keywords

Sign-up today for Text Message Marketing and you will see your profits and response from your clients begin to increase right away.

Mark Black is a Text Message Marketing expert who consults small and medium sized firms on the proper implementation and benefits of Mobile Marketing.

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