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It’s no surprise that everyone has been taking their music promotion online lately. A single band can reach millions worldwide with the click of a mouse! There are several successful methods in which you can go about promoting your music through the internet, and you have the ability to reach the most active consumers.

The generation that is spending the most money is actually the one that is spending the most time online right now. It’s really hard to reach them any other way besides the internet. These days everyone seems to be communicating the most through social media websites, and this is the perfect chance to get people talking about you. You will find that the quicker you can jump on this bandwagon, the better.

The amount of people who have Smart phones is also rapidly increasing. You can get wifi in a lot of places now, and before you know it this will be a standard thing in restaurants. This just makes it a little bit easier for you to launch promotions to this group of people via mobile marketing.
You simply cannot beat the results that you will get when you invest your budget in digital music promotion. If you were to give away some sort of physical merchandise like a keychain, people would not be as likely to keep it as they would if you gave them a free download. Plus they end up saving it to their device and remember you every time it gets played.

You can’t miss out on the opportunity of social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to get your promotions out there. Leave links back to a promotional incentive, and go viral with it. You will see an increase in activity immediately.
You can set a certain amount that customers have to spend before getting a free download or ringtone. Be sure that the entire promotion goes on a website that is mobile supported. This way, people can have access through their smart phones.

A promotion that always works is when you offer some sort of reward for referrals. You could do something like offer a free download for each referral the customer sends. Then you should have some sort of structured reward based program for your customers.
If you have a show coming up, advertise that people can get a couple free downloads when they check in at your show. This will not only get people to come to your performance and possibly bring friends along that have never seen you before, but then there will just be more people who have downloaded your music.

One thing is for certain: everyone loves music. When you approach people through the right channels they will respond. You can get a lot of exposure just by utilizing social media and mobile marketing campaigns. Right now, going online with your marketing and music promotion is pretty much the only way to go, because everyone who is spending money these days is going to be online.

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