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Viral marketing for beginners

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Is it really possible to let other people market your site for you? Because the main principle of viral marketing seems to be that it’s possible to let other surfers/readers/webmasters promote your site, purely because they like a piece of your content you have created. So how is viral marketing created and why are some webmasters good at it while others fail to generate anything more than a few visitors?

One thing that I have noticed about all great viral content is that it’s unique and original. Surfers today really have no interest in anything they have seen before so in order to stand out from the crowd you have to be different. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer a new angle on an old idea though, some of those campaigns have been very successful too.

Even though people usually create viral campaigns for purely commercial reasons you can’t “oversell” things too much. Surfers are very vary of corporate advertising and are always reluctant to share things with their friends that are too “branded”. Remember the main purpose of the campaign is to make people aware of you and not to just “sell”.

It’s important to get the ball rolling at the start of the campaign. Even if you have the most “sharable” content ever you really have to get someone prominent (i.e. a blogger) to get your campaign off the ground. It’s only after you hit a critical mass of people that your idea can start to snowball and this is when viral marketing becomes real value for money.

It amazes me how many people start a viral marketing campaign but have no real idea how well it worked by the end of it. You may be getting more sales/readers/visitors on your site but is this as a direct result of your marketing? It’s important to track what works and what doesn’t in order to improve in any kind of marketing environment.

Don’t forget that the end result of any campaign is to make money either directly or in-directly. I hope these tips help you to come up with a great campaign for your blog.

If you’re interested in learning more about Viral marketing then check out my marketing blog for more info. I have lots of ideas there on how you can attract more visitors.


A Completely Automated Drip Campaign

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While relatively new, marketing automation systems help to mechanically warm leads and prospects. Basically, marketing automation systems automatically move prospects down the sales funnel. To give you an idea of the flexibility of a promotion automation product, I have listed the following campaign that has been used productively by different real estate agents.

1) Lead capture – A prospect lands on a landing page that has a form to fill out in exchange for free comps of their area.

2) When a possible client provides their contact information, they receive an email with the free report or give-away that was used to get their information. Different geo-targeting advertising systems such as AdSense can be used.

3) Now the promotion automation system sends out an automatic email that looks like it is personal and from the real estate agent. The email not only looks like it is from the real estate agent, but will go directly to the agent if the recipient hits reply. Often the email will direct the prospect to view an web video.

4) The next day, another email mechanically goes out asking if the prospect has had a chance to view the online presentation. The automated email also asks if the prospect would like to get regular market updates and what form of communication they would prefer: phone, email, or text message.

6) If the prospect has chosen to receive text, the system can set the system up to automatically send a text message to the prospect giving them some more information on current market conditions. It may sound tough to do in 160 characters, but it would be the same as a Twitter tweet.

5) When this text goes out, a to-do action is put into the agent’s task list with instructions to call this lead today. This is the point where many agents would make first contact as the prospect already knows who they are.

7) Another component of the product may be direct mail. In that case, a postcard may mechanically be sent to the prospect.

8) A few weeks later, an email newsletter is emailed to the prospect. Once again, when the email is sent, promotion automation system puts a to-do action to notify you to call the prospect and follow up.

Depending on your goals, promotion automation systems can be used to warm new leads, drive prospects further down the sales funnel, or even turn good clients into great ones.

Fsbo listings from the Redex provides real estate agents with a continual list prospective customers.


Looking For The Best Email Software

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It’s challenging to make dollars on-line with out utilizing software to maximize the efficiency of marketing campaigns: tools are a profitable necessity. Even so, it really is tough to decide which is the best email software given the fact that various businesses have various needs along with the factors that tell the products offered are both subjective and objective.

As it happens in a lot of other domains it is impossible to tell which deserves the number one rated product. For that reason, the most effective email software is the one that suits the enterprise specificity and increases its efficiency rate within the most rewarding way possible.

Where can people shop for the best email software? Product reviews could be genuinely helpful choice making, but only in case you know where to look and what to look for. In reality, the software products advertised on-line provide solutions for all levels of complexity and for all pockets.

So that you can determine which of the several products corresponds to your needs, compare the way your email advertising methods work with the development level that such a tool is expected to provide. Do you’ve got a large customer database? What sorts of promotional strategies do you rely on besides email campaigns? Are you familiar with the operational mode of a bulk email sender?

Should you start a organization evaluation from such questions and you continue it, you might be very likely to be right in your selection of the best email software. Do not start from the idea that any tool which is jam-packed with features will also make the best email software for your organization.

The difficulty is that many such programs include tons of features and functions which are usually quite little used, although you pay fairly a big price for them. Moreover, the access to some of these unique features is granted on the basis of a monthly fee. Hence, your needs ought to locate their corresponding solutions inside the features of the very best email software for your company.

Several reviews rate extremely advanced tools with the title of the most effective email software, but a program can only hold such a position for a limited period of time. The versatility of this domain of activity makes it impossible to identify one most valuable item, not to mention that the technical development inside the IT field brings ever newer features and operational models.

Hence, either ask for some expert guidance or conduct an analysis of the organization tasks that you want performed and, based on that, make your choice of a great email software to help increase your email marketing efforts.

If you’d like to find out additional information on email marketing campaigns, make sure you check out our blog page where we deal with various areas of email marketing. You can find us at: Email Marketing.
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Picking Out An Email Advertising Organization Adhere To These Tips

Comments Off on Picking Out An Email Advertising Organization Adhere To These Tips 29 March 2011

While you are looking for email marketing companies you have to be aware of precisely what you are looking for. Many email marketing and advertising businesses will offer many more positive aspects as compared to others.

Even though some email marketing businesses might give you all of the programs you will need in order to start your email marketing and advertising campaign off the right way, other companies only will give you a software package that you will have to set up on your web server and you may need to figure things out for yourself.

And here lies the trouble when looking for email marketing and advertising providers. You actually need to be thoroughly conscious of precisely what the provider is providing as well as what your needs are. When you’ve got any queries make sure you get in touch with the provider prior to purchasing their program.

Marketing with email is probably one of the better methods to come across brand new prospective clients, and keep in touch with present customers or clients. A powerful email marketing and advertising campaign can be the difference between being successful for the online business or its eventual failure.

There’s two email marketing companies which I work with and also advocate. The very first is MoneyListPro.com and the 2nd is MyHugeList.com. Each of those systems are extremely affordable and may possibly be very beneficial with all your email advertising and marketing campaigns.

Moneylistpro.com is a company that will let you email their list of prospects. They supply different packages between emailing 1,000 prospects every 2 days for $3.00 up to their largest deal of mailing 5,000 individuals every two days for $12.00.

Myhugelist.com works in another way, this website allows you to make use of their particular system to generate a viral email list. The technique by which this program performs is you get started establishing your email list and every person that joins under you will help you develop your list. This is actually a wonderful program for constructing a large list in a short time.

But don’t forget, information is power so just before getting involved with any type of system make sure you understand their rules and regulations and they will offer you what you need.

If you wish to find additional information on email marketing companies, you ought to stop by our blog page where we cover numerous facets of marketing with email. You will find us at: Email Marketing.

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