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The 401K Account As A Novel Savings Vehicle

Comments Off on The 401K Account As A Novel Savings Vehicle 03 August 2011

A 401K plan is a savings plan that is designed to mature at a persons retirement. It was introduced to American workers in the 1980s and eventually became an alternative to the regular retirement plans. There are currently three different types of 401K plans offered by employers.

If employees need to access any of their funds before the age of 60, there is a chance that they will be assessed penalties and fines. Because the account is set up to mature at a certain time, early withdrawal is discouraged. In particular, those who know about selling annuities would realize that the 401K actually has tax benefits.

Money that is put into a 401K is not taxed until it is taken out at retirement. Should an employee plan on taking the money out in the future, it is a good idea to put away the amount of taxes that will be charged in order to financially prepare themselves.

Some employers have a fund matching program in place to help employees save more for retirement. With an employee-directed plan the employee has a say in where the money they invest goes, this includes the employer contribution. With a trustee managed plan the employer makes all the decisions.

As soon as an individual hits the age for retirement they must start to distribute the funds in their account. The age most people start to withdraw funds is around 70. If an employee is still working at this time exceptions can be made. It is recommended to seek help from a professional if you need help with the disbursement.

When a person is no longer employed by the company that holds their 401K, they can choose to roll it over or cash out. The roll over option is not always available at all places of employment so it is recommended that employees ask. If a cash out is chosen, the minimum balance must be at least 1,000 dollars or the funds can be forfeited.

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FTC Issues Final Policy Statement Regarding Collecting Deceased Debt

Comments Off on FTC Issues Final Policy Statement Regarding Collecting Deceased Debt 27 July 2011

The Federal Trade Commission has finalized a policy statement saying that the agency will not take enforcement action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) or the FTC Act against companies that are attempting to collect the debts of deceased consumers, if the companies communicate with someone who is authorized to pay debts from the estate of the deceased.

The policy statement also emphasizes that debt collectors may not mislead relatives to believe that they are personally liable for a deceased consumer’s debts, or use other deceptive or abusive tactics. Family members typically are not obligated to pay the debts of a deceased relative from their own assets. The FDCPA limits whom debt collectors may contact after a loved one has died to people such as the deceased person’s spouse and the executor or administrator of the deceased person’s estate.

Since the FDCPA was enacted in 1977, state probate laws have changed, and now, less formal procedures often govern the appointment or selection of those who are responsible for the disposition of the estate. In many cases, there may be no formal executor or administrator of an estate. In the enforcement policy statement, the Commission wants to reconcile the FDCPA’s requirements with current trends in state probate law.

In keeping with the FTC’s October 2010 proposed policy statement, the final policy statement specifies that the agency will not take law enforcement action under the FDCPA if a debt collector communicates about a deceased person’s debts with that person’s spouse, the executor or administrator of the deceased person’s estate, or anyone else who is authorized to pay the debts from assets in the estate.

The final policy statement also describes how debt collectors may communicate with family members and others to locate someone who is authorized to pay the deceased person’s debts from the estate, and specifies that collectors can’t mislead individuals into believing that they have the authority to pay the decedent’s debts when they don’t.

It also specifies that, in seeking to locate someone who is authorized to pay the deceased person’s debts from the estate, collectors may not reveal or refer to the debts, but might say they want to discuss payment of the deceased person’s bills. Also, in keeping with the FDCPA’s prohibition on unfair, deceptive, or abusive collection practices, debt collectors can not contact family members and others at unusual or inconvenient times or places.

The policy emphasizes that, in communicating with someone who is authorized to pay the debts from assets of the deceased person’s estate, collectors need to avoid creating the misleading impression that the individual is personally liable or could have to pay using his or her own assets, or assets held jointly with the deceased person.

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How To Determine If Putting Up An Internet Business Is The Right Choice For You

Comments Off on How To Determine If Putting Up An Internet Business Is The Right Choice For You 23 July 2011

With budget being tight for thousands folks, people are trying to find ways to earn extra money and many people are turning to the Internet. One of the biggest issues with an online business is that lots of people have this idea that it is a cinch. The truth is that for the most part, it takes hard work and you will have to invest time in order to be successful online.

Owning an online business is not right for everyone. The reality is that you must invest time and a great deal of energy to just get up and running, and it could take time before any money is made. Much like any business, you take out what you put in. If you’re not prepared or able to devlote at least a few hours a day, don’t even waste your time.

Now, I know that most of you already know that work is required and you can’t simply set it and forget it like a pot roast. For you people congratulations this is a superb choice. If you’re still reading, we will explain how to get going.

The first thing you have to have is your own web site or blog. While it is doable to generate money online without your own website, it will be easier both starting off and in the long run. One of the great things about creating your own site or blog is that you will have the opportunity to establish yourself.

Making money from your blog or site is now what you want to start considering. You may have heard of Adsense, and that is a great way to start making a little bit of income. If you really want to earn a huge amount of money with Adsense, you will have to figure out how to generate hundreds or thousands of visitors to your web site daily. Affiliate marketing is another great way to begin making money from your web site. By using affiliate marketing, you can truly make enough cash to replace your current income. Affiliate marketers can earn up to $200 for each sale they generate, and in many instances even more. Doesn’t that sound nice? One great place to get rolling in affiliate marketing is with a company named Commission Junction.

Lastly and more challenging, is you will need to be able to drive traffic to your new website. This is the most important facet of operating your own business on the Internet. Without traffic, don’t expect success. One way to start obtaining the site traffic you need to survive is by utilizing PPC. PPC or pay per click traffic is traffic you buy. Basically, you are paying anytime someone visits your web site by clicking on one of your PPC adverts. And when you are new to Internet marketing, this can really add up fast if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But for people on a budget, there are no-fee traffic exchange programs. There are a lot of free programs online that can help you generate traffic to your web site. You can even execute a search on any search engine for “free website traffic” and you will be able to locate a lot of programs to help you get started.

In short, if you know it requires time and you will need to work at it, putting up an online business could be a great choice.

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Hawaii Bank Branches

Comments Off on Hawaii Bank Branches 16 July 2011

Hawaii has been a latest addition to the American states and is the only American state fully made up of islands. Hawaii is known for its coasts, volcanoes, warm weather and cold sea water. Hawaii has a vibrant ethos and thousands of people visit Hawaii every year. While Hawaii in known for its seashores it also has many flourishing sugarcane and pineapple industries. Tourism is the largest contributor to the state revenues and is said to have a very high cost of living as compared to other states. The city also exports apparel and food, however, the export is limited because of the large shipping distance to other states. Hawaii also has many famous banks operating in different cities of the state. Some of the leading Hawaii banks are as follows.

Territorial Savings Bank

Territorial Savings Bank was founded in 1921 and has around 250 full time staff members. It operates 26 branches in the state of Hawaii and has been serving to the financial needs of the people through a wide range of products. Its banking products comprise of consumer online banking, checking products, credit cards, savings products, investment products, loan products and telephone banking among many other services.

Central Pacific Bank

Central Pacific Bank was founded in 1954 to help migrants in establishing a new life and has been running under the Central Pacific Financial Corporation. Today, Central Pacific Bank offers a range of services which cater to the banking needs of families and businesses. It is also among the top banks in terms of residential mortgages and is famous for its community participation. It offers services such as checking accounts, loans, wire transfers, cash management, merchant services, wealth management, online banking and residential mortgages among many others.

Hawaii National Bank

Hawaii National Bank is one of the leading Hawaii banks and was established in 1960 in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a community bank with 14 branches in the state and offers a host of financial services. Its services include retirement accounts, savings and checking accounts, personal loans, residential loans, home equity mortgages, special business loans, commercial real estate loans, online banking and government guaranteed loans to name a few.

Bank of Hawaii

The Bank of Hawaii is among the leaders in the financial market of Hawaii and has been in service since 1897. It runs over 50 branches in the state and performance wise, it is among the leading banks of the country with $3 billion in assets. Its financial products and services comprise of checking and savings account, cash management, loans and leasing, merchant services, wealth management, investment management, online banking, mortgages and IRA to name a few.

Although, these are some of the leading and most commonly used Hawaii banks, however, there are numerous other credit unions and top US banks.

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