Surveillance Mirrors To Prevent Theft

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On an annual basis, the costs of shoplifting prompts merchants to raise prices and leaves law abiding customers to pay for the difference in loss of profits. Security and consumer experts indicate that stores that use surveillance mirrors and hidden cameras can fight this problem and safeguard their revenue.

As a matter of fact, some economic experts indicate that theft will continue as the world’s economy tries to recover from the recession. Many individuals are not able to afford luxury purchases and feel like they must steal such items from stores. Even at that, retailers seek to eliminate theft because it prevents them from making profits and contributing to their local economy.

With hidden equipment to watch customers, stores are also opting to hire security guards to walk their shop floors and watch for stealing. In fact, a shoplifter who notices a guard watching him or her might be more compelled to replace the items and then leave the premises. Some guards like to work in pairs, with one person walking the floor and another watching the cameras and mirrors in an office in the back of the store.

Many merchants install a mirror in places that suffer the highest occurrence of theft. These store areas often include jewelry departments, electronics, women’s clothing, sporting goods, and shoe departments.

In fact, thieves like these items because they are easy to sell through online auctions or at pawn brokers. Pawning this kind of merchandise lets them have access to quick money. With this in mind, more law enforcement agencies are choosing to monitor pawn brokers and online auctions in a bid to retrieve stolen merchandise.

Using hidden cameras, security guards, and surveillance mirrors helps retailers curb the threat of shoplifting and theft. Thieves often target high priced items and sell them for a profit online or on the black market. In turn, honest customers face higher costs to help make up for lost profit as the result of theft.

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