Successful Investors Have Learned To Talk Their Walk!

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Today, English is the most generally written and spoken language in the world. English was first spoken in the United Kingdom by Germanic tribes in the 5th Century AD. At that point it was called the Old English ( Anglo-Saxon ) period. In the Middle English period ( 1150-1500 AD ), many Old English word endings were replaced by prepositions like by, with, and from. We are at present in the Modern English period which started in the Sixteenth Century.

The quantity of words in English has grown from fifty thousand to sixty thousand words in Old English to about 1,000,000 today ; the biggest of all languages by a long way. A mean educated person knows about twenty thousand words and uses only about two thousand words in a week. Regardless of its far-ranging use, there are only about 350 million folk who use it as their main language.

It’s the official language of the Olympic Games . More than 1/2 the planet’s technical and systematic periodicals as well 3 quarters of the planet’s mail, and its telexes and wires are in English. About eighty percent of the data stored in the planet’s PCs ( like this text ) are also in English. English is broadcast to above one hundred million folks everyday by five of the biggest broadcasting companies ( CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC ). It feels like English will remain the most generally used language for a while.

The sphere of finance was pioneered by the USA as an extension of mercantilism. This was at a point in time when study of anything apart from economics was considered undeserving in comparison to hard sciences like maths, chemistry and physic and kissing up in the king’s court was highly rated. The 1st business faculties were established in the United States because of this and still maintain their dominion. Finance has many words like put and call for which there aren’t any translations in other languages.

It’s vital that you develop your monetary vocabulary. My experience of the money vocabulary is huge compared against the average joe due to my Ph.D. That I hold in the field as well as my investing experience as a futures and option trader and long term stock financier.

Many years of study at the doctoral level combined with direct practice in investments has allowed me to develop a vast financial vocabulary. This allows me to capture the essence of investment readings and conversations that the average person does not understand. Many investors fail not for lack of intelligence (I am of average intelligence) but lack of comprehension of what makes the stock market tick. This is due, in great part, to a lack of vocabulary that the common man on the street has not developed. Take the time to develop your financial vocabulary and you will excel over time as an investor!

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