Spice Up The Year Of The Rabbit With Three Exceptional Magnetic Merchandise

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In the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Are you ready to get started to a brand new year of vast fortune? Doubtlessly, each individual would be emphatically excited to know their lucky stars for this coming year. Indeed, the coming of a brand new year is the opening of the new chapter of everyone’s lives. It might be a year of change, forgiveness, brand new opportunities and other fresh starts. Whatever it is, your destiny depends on how you manage the rudder of your own ship.

Speaking of managing yourself, remind themselves of this coming year with a bang. Jive in to the beat of the moment and hunt for the rabbit into your own promotional freebies. One of the best advances freebies that you might infuse with pictures of the rabbit is promotional magnets and magnetic items. There are various promotional magnets and magnetic items that you can draft in order attract budding patron in conferences and trade shows. Here are some of those that you might want to consider.

Calendar Magnets

Infuse the rabbit with the best promotional magnet and magnetic products of the moment. Calendar is a chronic handout especially during the end of the year. Since all the pages of your old one are used and outdated, better find a new one. But instead of applying the traditional calendars, a calendar magnet can be awesome material to give out. It will assuredly act two modes.

Magnetic Pens

Pens are universal bonuses. Trade shows wouldn’t be complete without a pen to give out and it would have better impact if you infuse a magnet with it. Aside from being a writing material, it can also be used in posting notes. Absolutely, you’ll get a reply back because there is pen in tow.

Animal Magnets

What a better way to hail on the coming of the Year of the Rabbit but with a rabbit itself. You can exhaust a custom magnet and magnetic items like an animal magnet in your office or at home. Rabbits are cute and looking at them might refresh your sight even in a few seconds.

Neela Vazzana is a corporate giveaways master on Promotional Magnets and Magnetic Items & Corporate Logo Magnetic Memo Holders. See posts by Neela Vazzana on how you can improve your marketing needs.

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