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What is social media marketing to:

Businesses: A lot of businesses these days are asking themselves “Why social media marketing?” Simply put, social media marketing can bring businesses to a new level with their customers and clients. It allows a more personable approach to their business model. The reason many businesses are still asking “Why social media marketing?” is due to the fact that it is still a rather new form of advertising as opposed to other forms. Businesses are still sometimes asking “What is social media marketing?” instead. They don’t really understand how to utilize the medium to its maximum potential. Ultimately, social media will just be integrated as a norm for businesses.s.

Children: Why social media exists is a way to getaway from parents. Ok well maybe not just that; but it does give teenagers and younger demographics a place to getaway from their parents and have their own world, created in basically their image. It’s also a place for them to plan and organize events, hangouts, and study sessions. For children, social media is a way of keeping in touch with friends. Social media marketing is also a great way to reach a younger demographic. You know they are spending hours a day on social media so it is in a company’s best interest to try and reach them.

College Students: For college students these days, it is very rare for one to ask “What is social media?”. It is what the current generation of college students grew up with side by side. It’s like that puppy you see grow with you as you get older. The greatest difference for college students that sets their uses apart from children is the opportunities for connections. Undergrad and grad students alike will use social media to show off their skills to their peers, as well as find links to jobs and internships for the future. For college students, your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages act as a personal database of professionals (or soon to be). Also for college students especially, these social media pages act as a status symbol in many circles. Social media marketing can be really effective with college kids because they understand social media and like using it. They are very open to interacting with brands and are receptive to social media marketing.

Parents: In this generation, they are more attune to how businesses view social media. The most frequently asked question would be “What is social media?”. They did not grow up with it, and as far as they know, publicity with their children is worse these days than when they were kids. With scares these days, it is easy for parents to be turned off by social media. It is more of a novelty to them to connect with old classmates. Sometimes social media marketing can be wasted on this group. If they don’t really know how to use social media your marketing efforts might be wasted because the users don’t really understand how to take advantage of what you are offering them.

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