Silly But Undemanding Substitutes To Customized Bottle Opener in 5 Unusual Situations

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Opening a bottle of beer has art in it. In absence of a custom personalized bottle opener, you should know how to be resourceful and open a bottle of beer all by yourself. In cases like these, you can repeatedly look for a brand new promotional bottle opener because you can afford its economical cost. Nevertheless, if you want to carry out a few tricks in such kind of art, here are the things that you can use as a substitutes for a promotional bottle opener.

Scenario Number One

You are left at home with only bottles of beer to drink. Though, there is no course of action to open it. What you can do is to look for your belt and have its buckle to open. Moreover, you are damn rich and your younger sister possesses a pair of ice skates, carry it blades into full effect by opening bottles of beer. Lastly, use your door handle that is located on the side that is not open and candidly apply a little pressure on it and your bottle is all open for drinking.

Scenario Number Two

You were trapped in an island alone and no one seems to witness your SOS on the shoreline. You can’t drink the ocean water because it comprises of too much salt in it. You only have a few bottle of beer left from a plane crash and a fork that you have put to use for your pasta on-board. Well, you don’t have to worry because fork can be splendid substitute to a custom personalized bottle opener. Just avail of one of the fork’s teeth as a lever and push the grooves of the crown up one by one.

Scenario Number Three

In a greatly economical motel with poor service, you have your own bottle of beer to drink because nothing seem to reachable in such a crappy accommodation. If they don’t have any promotional bottle open available, you can use a steel hotel hanger and insert the cap into the hanger and pop it. At least, capitalizing such unlikely item you are already compensated.

Scenario Number Four

You are with a friend and you are lying at the zenith of a 55-storey structure watching the stars and moon. Suddenly, a friend threw away your bottle opener and it’s gone. Well, the fun should not stop because you can employ the other bottle to open up your booze. Definitely, it takes two to tango.

Scenario Number Five

You and your girlfriend have glorification of your anniversary. Yet, the both of you are inside a car and stuck is 2012-like traffic jam. You have bottles of booze but no reachable bottle opener. Never permit traffic to stop your fete. Of course, look for a place to park first and open your beer bottle applying the car seat belt latches. But remember; don’t drink while driving or else you’ll spend your anniversary behind bars.

These good and interesting modes of opening a bottle of beer devoid of a custom imprinted bottle opener might sound fun but it would be uncomplicated if you have a handy and ever reliable bottle opener at hand.

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