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Seth Godin and Twitter??

Comments Off on Seth Godin and Twitter?? 29 May 2009

seth godin and twitter?

Has he changed his mind?$?$

I’ve always been a huge Seth Godin fan. I subscribe to his typepad feeds and eat them up. But today for the first time, I thought, “What the… hell?.” I’ve seen him talk about Twitter in a few instances, and he’s also commented that ‘People don’t want mediocre interaction (his take on Twitter),’ yet today, he promotes his Squidoo tool with the use of Twitter.

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Twitter is immersive. It washes over you. But what happens when a great link or clever post goes by? Squidoo just launched a promotion around the new TwttrList tool. The power of this tool is that it turns the momentary stream of tweets into a permanent sign post. A curated best of instead of a random time-based river. You can chronicle a conference, or highlight great posts about your brand or event.
This lets other people find your collection of the best tweets on Google, or see a series of messages without the noise in between. Here are a few good ones.
Give it a try. Maybe you’ll win something.

But but, Seth, didn’t you say this? What made you change your mind$?

“I don’t use Twitter. It’s not really me. I also don’t actively use FaceBook, and I’m not adding any friends, though I still have an account for the day when I no doubt will. I also don’t use Flickr or MySpace or Meebo.”

From the post “Not Seth Godin”

I respected him for taking this stance and he reiterates this stance in this YouTube video:

The ratings has spoken, and its not just me. Seth we love you, but as your fans, we have to let you know when you slip.

I’m going to get some purple grape juice.

The people have rated!

The people have rated!

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