SEM Hints – 3 Effective Strategies to Optimize Your Backlinks

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If you wish to get essentially the most value out of your backlinks, apply the following strategies we’ll be outlining below. Executed properly, your backlinks can boost your SEM efforts even if you’re trying to rank for a keyword as obscure as “reviews on perfect skin by the kardashians.”

When you’re having someone link to your site, make sure that your link isn’t placed in JavaScript format because search engines tend to ignore such type of links. You can’t see this with the naked eye which is why you need to check the source code of the page where your link is positioned to determine what type of link it is. You need to ensure that your link appears in the right place and in the right format as well. You also want to avoid redirect scripts so check that your links connect direct to your site. This is due to the fact that you want people reaching your site when they click on your link and not some other sites. Due to the fact that search engines, like Google, can’t read flash pages, you want to make sure none of your incoming links are from these types of sites. If you really want to get a link from a site that’s in flash then make sure that it has a static HTML page which will be indexed and ranked in the search engines. It’s really important that you focus on your link building efforts the right way to optimize them better. There’s no point in spending lots of time trying to acquire links that are completely useless and have little impact on your SEO.

There are many automated link building programs in the market that promise to give you an instant boost in the search engine rankings. You should avoid these programs as much as you can because there is no shortcut you can use to build links and optimize them effectively. You will end up getting penalized for using such an automated solution because Google prefers natural links. Start off slow and steady and don’t try to speed up things. By being ethical you will soon find that you get plenty of excellent links that the search engines notice. Your efforts won’t be for nothing because once indexed by the search engines, these links stay there for a long time.

You should also not waste your time with links that are in formats other than text. Avoid putting links in a form that the search engine spiders won’t pick up, such as images. Think of your backlinks as a navigation system made for the benefit of the search engines. In order for your link building campaign to succeed, therefore, you need an effective navigation system.

In conclusion, backlinks can be very valuable, but only if you use the right methods and make sure they are optimized. The techniques we’ve covered above will help you to get the most from you links so that your site can rank more highly and more traffic will come your way. When it comes to backlinks, quality will take you further than quantity.

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