Search Engine Optimization basics

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If you want to learn search engine basics read this article. You can read this article to learn more.

Do you know what search engines are or which ones are most important? Google’s search engine is the largest by a long shot. It makes allot of sense to optimize for Google. More than 60% of keywords being typed into search engines are being done on Google. Do you know just how many sites aren’t optimized for search engines? The exact number is unknown, but for the most part they are not optimized for maximum search engine indexing.

After you created your sites pages the way you need so they can be read by the search engines, you must find a way to get each of them indexed into the directories and search engines. It is vital so submit your website to the main serps like Google, Yahoo and Bing and also plus directories.

When you submit your website you’re not done yet, you will need back links. After you created your pages with good on-page optimization back links is what you need, they are the back bone to high and stable rankings. If you Please Google, Google will please you. When you create your pages it’s important to create them for real people and not just for the search engines.

If you achieve a high ranking it’s only a third of the battle won. Google is getting smarter and also takes into account your visitor stay time. If you created relevant content and what the searchers are looking for you should not have a problem. A good way to look at it is to understand Google better. Google’s job is to give the searched what they are looking for. If you can manage to achieve that, Google will reward you with high ranking.

Like I said back links are very important for stable and high ranking, but it won’t fit into this article.

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