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Question: About how many sq . streets should it take to accommodate 2 of the most well known buildings in The Usa, the 2nd most impressive amount of galleries in the country, a buzzing design community, a key city newspaper, way more themed eateries than a garrison of vacationers could ever wish to cramm and extremely sought-after real estate, to top it all off?

If your not surprised that all of this and thousands more great amenities are all comfortably situated within a neat-and-tidy 13 blocks by 9, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with Chicago’s own River North neighborhood! Bordered by Michigan Avenue to the East, Chicago Avenue to the North, and the Chicago River making de facto Southern and Western boundaries, River North is a small but shining jewel of Chicago’s Near North Side.

It was not always that way, however. In spite of the heritage and financial significance of Merchandise Mart, the neighborhood which would develop into River North had been deemed to be one of the “seedier” districts of the city before to the 1970’s.

It is real estate developer Alan Friedman which the community has to thank for River North’s current revamp. In ’74, Friedman and a army of photographers, ad firms, boutiques and galleries marched in to one of the very most unjustly underdeveloped areas in the city, gave it an aesthetic and industrial make-over of immense proportions, and christened it with the punchy handle “River North.”

As of then, River North has expanded exponentially in societal importance and property worth. Home to the city’s “Gallery District,” a descendant of Friedman’s original fine art house implantation, the community currently has the most art galleries in america outside of Manhattan. It is also regarded as the “Cathedral District” for the gorgeous juxtaposition of the Catholic Holy Name Cathedral and the Episcopalian St. James Cathedral against a skyline of glass and steel. Include in the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s, the very first Pizzeria Uno, the office space of the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, a immense amount of luxurious condo buildings as well as the 2nd highest construction in The united states, The Trump Hotel and Tower, and you don’t just have the makings of a major tourist attraction . . . you’ve discovered a significant life-line of a key city. .

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