Promotional Glow Sticks Work For Companies From All Industries

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Research has shown promotional products as company’s campaign and marketing tool, work time and again. While writing tools, drink ware and bags are seen as common products to carry business logos, toys and novelties like balls, balloons and custom glow sticks created much fun and are proven successful. Promotional glow sticks products are customized glow sticks with logos, business names, birthday girls’ name and any art work or message that you want to put on these cool light sticks. Other glow in the dark merchandise such as glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow badges, colored glow stick, etc. can all be imprinted.

Custom glow sticks are even used in private parties, weddings, etc. To have the names of the bride and groom light up on customized glow sticks and give to guests as wedding flavors bring a lot of fun and style to the special day. The 6″ custom sticks are the brightest of all and have the biggest area for imprinting and therefore this size of glow sticks are the No. 1 choice for being used as promotional glow sticks.

If it’s the first time for you to try custom glow sticks, call up the imprinting or glow sticks wholesalers and they can provide tips on what sizes of promotional glow sticks are best value for the number of characters you need to put on the glowsticks. Or they may recommend other glowstick toys and custom glow bracelets novelty items that will meet your need and budgets.

Halloween is a holiday that is now celebrated around the world. Wearing scary costumes, going to haunted houses, carving Halloween pumpkin and trick-or-treating are all traditional fun Halloween activities. For outdoor activities, wearing glow sticks and or glowstick necklaces are highly recommended for safety purpose. Some police departments use custom glow sticks to carry safety message and give these promotional glow sticks or imprinted glow sticks to kids in the neighborhood.

In an imprint project, an event organizer wants to fit the name and logos of all seven sponsors on custom glow sticks, but the standard 6 inch promotional glow sticks do not have enough imprint area. So they turned to light up martini glasses. And all seven logos fit in around the rim of the martini glasses.

Choose from various types of custom glow sticks and light up novelties that work best for your imprint idea and have fun!

When promotional glow necklaces are used as giveaway in trade show, you can attract a lot of traffic. The colorful lights are eye-catching.

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