Premium Quality Shot Glasses For An Incredible Party

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We all know that there are plenty of important components required in organizing a party. That’s why it is essential that we must plan everything ahead of time. This way, we can look into the situation and determine what move we have to carry out next. Preparing for a large crowd can often be a challenge especially if you lack good organization not to mention enough time to carry out some of the essential works. It’s no surprise why several party hire companies are appearing and are definitely growing in quantity to meet up with the expectations of each of their patrons. Although some of these claim to be the most desirable in the industry, it is still recommended that each of the hosts will do their own research relating to the company and discover more on how well they truly are when it comes to the types of services they feature.

A party hire company can be a big help considering they are the ones who can present you with the suitable equipment you need. From developing the area to seating components, right down to hire glasses. You can actually save some money by hiring instead of buying your own eating and drinking items to be utilized at the party. Among the best glassware that you could employ at the function is the shot glass. These hire glasses perfectly match any occasion and it can also be implemented to serve your exceptional liqueurs for all your attendees to enjoy.

Many of the famous drinks consumed through shot glasses include tequila, vodka and whiskey. However, you can also produce your own combination of cocktails just by following these easy steps:

1. Jello Shots- This unique concoction may appear as someone’s common treat. Delight your guests by getting this enjoyable and easy to create liqueur. Simply mix hot water, jello powder and rum in a bowl. Pour 2 ounce cups and refrigerate. Wait until the jello has formed then serve them in hire glasses for everybody to savor.

2. Buttery Nipple- This strong and fairly sweet tasting mixture is perfectly served as a lady’s drink. Just pour in an ample volume of Buttershots liquor in a hire glass and simply add Irish cream on top. This one delectable drink will really have everyone seeking more.

3. Blow Job- Combine Irish cream and amaretto almond liqueur in a shot glass and finish it off with whip cream to make this bar classic.

4. Kamikaze- Put 1 part vodka, 1 part Triple sec and 1 part lime juice in a shaker and mix them together with ice. Strain the ingredients into a shot glass and feel its dazzling effect.

5. Purple Hooter- This beverage is great for pass rounds. It’s made up of 7-Up, raspberry liqueur, vodka and ice. Just simply mix them together and serve the concoction in a shot glass.

6. Carbomb- This drink might not be that easy to ingest but it’s all really worth the attempt. Mix Irish whiskey and cream in a shot glass and pour the entire blend right into a mug of stout. Raise a toast and then drink it all up.

Getting various selections of mixed drinks to serve for your guests can be a smart thing. Just make sure to supply them with enough numbers of hire glasses that they can use for proper consumption. But still as a host, we should also be the one supervising the alcohol intake of our guests. Don’t forget that these types of cocktails are best enjoyed moderately. We should all behave as a responsible drinker and should be wise enough to be aware of its distressing results.

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