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It is in the interest of each individual to see our properties and to evaluate its energy efficiency to see if we do everything possible to reduce energy waste in our homes and surroundings.

In Scotland, the climate is much colder than those recorded in other parts of the United Kingdom, the power consumption of identical properties is higher in Scotland.

The energy used in homes is responsible for more than a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom and 80 percent of this is for heating. Lowering the thermostat, good insulation and efficient boilers can help – and there is also no support for making your home more energy efficient.

You can get help to make your home more energy efficient, through the Energy Saving Home, making it more attractive than ever to do something. You can save on your annual fuel bills and help the environment at the same time.

Each household in the UK are entitled to at least 50 percent of loft and cavity wall insulation. A selection of energy efficient appliances such as light bulbs, home energy monitors and energy saver plugs are also available. Based on these measures could help you save hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bill, and you can access it through energy suppliers.

Low-income retirees may qualify for free improvements to their homes, such as isolation, with the support of others.

It’s time to take action on your heating system:

– By lowering thermostats for heating and hot water

– By adjusting the valves

– Set the electronic timer for a short period of time and not have it on when needed

Cutting a surprising amount of energy lost through the intelligent use of central heating controls. You can save 10% on your annual heating bills by turning the thermostat by only 1%. You probably did not notice the difference, but the environment will be. Can work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Choose a high efficiency boiler

Over 80 percent of home energy consumption for heating and hot water – to get a more energy efficient boiler can make a big difference. Look for the Energy Saving Recommended label when choosing a new boiler. This label may be used only on products the most energy-efficient, usually the top 20 percent of those available.

* Find a boiler with high energy efficiency

* Insulate walls and attic (loft insulation is your 270 mm thick?)

More than half the waste heat in a typical home escapes through the walls or ceiling. Install insulation in cavity walls will not only reduce heat loss, but may also reduce your fuel bill to 180 each year.

Insulation of walls

Installing insulation in the wall cavity can take a few hours of a typical three-bedroom house, and can be done from the outside. Its construction must have cavity walls. You can insulate solid walls too, but is larger and more expensive.


Loft insulation is simple to install, anyone can do it. Even if you already have loft insulation, check the thickness is. Add a second layer, so it is recommended that up to 270 millimeters, saving energy and money is wasted. You will notice the difference so much of our heat is lost in this way.

Other ways to keep the heat

Walls and ceilings are the culprits of heat loss, but there is no need to stop here:

* The installation of double glazing can be half the heat lost through windows

* Insulate your hot water tank

* Halter your pipes

* Place the strips of caulk around windows and doors – if you can feel cold air, which means that warm air is leaving the same way, this is a simple procedure for a large profit

* If your house has a basement space under the insulation can help keep heat in

Consider renewable energy for your heating

Renewable energy can sometimes be a choice of power and home heating. The most common renewable energy technologies are solar, wind, hydro (water), and biomass, which involves the burning of plant products or animal waste. Renewable energy can significantly reduce the effects of climate change.

* Build your own green (renewable) energy


If each and everyone responded to the above actions and has taken steps in the energy performance of our homes and surroundings, we could all make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint and help protect our environment.

Energy consumption in homes is responsible for more than a quarter of carbon emissions in Britain. Reduce the amount of energy you use for heating is one of the most important things you can do to help reduce climate change.

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