Peel And Stick Solar Technology For RV And Boat Owners

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One of the amazing newest technologies arriving on the scene of solar technology are peel and stick solar panels for boats and RVs. This advancement has a lot of benefits over the older, conventional solar energy panels that were built to be used on RVs and boats. Conventional panels are heavy, expensive, and not very aerodynamic. They need heavy mounting and can be damaged when the moving at high velocity.

Conversely, peel and stick panels have all the benefits that come with solar technology and none of the downsides of the standard panels. They are extremely light, have powerful adhesive backing that doesn’t peel up while the vehicle moves at high speeds, and are inexpensive by comparison.

Peel and stick solar panels do precisely what their name suggests. They’re thin, flexible, and peel away to reveal a powerful adhesive that permanently affixes the panel to flat surfaces like the roof of an RV or boat. This is a huge advantage over standard panels that are heavy and must be fastened to a surface with bolts and reinforcements.

Peel and stick solar is available in a variety of sizes and power outputs, depending on the requirements of the owner. Boats often require less capacity than RVs, unless the boats are big, and so smaller peel and stick panels with less power output are also on the market. Depending on your power needs, there’s probably a peel and stick solar panel that will meet them.

Rvs, on the other hand, often have many different systems that need powering, things like AC, fridges, lights, and more. That’s the reason why RV owners frequently employ generators powerful enough to charge the numerous different systems needed while on a trip. That’s why many peel and stick solar panels for RVs are large and have high power outputs that either supplement or totally replace the power output the comes from a generator.

Peel and stick solar panels are one of the coolest new advances in flexible solar technology. For a basic peel and stick solar panel, look at this Unisolar 68 watt peel and stick solar panel review.

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